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Intra Branda: The Only Digital Marketing Agency Brands Need to Shine




With various businesses today strengthening their influence on the digital space, it’s becoming more important for creatives to create innovative outputs that would make any brand stand out above others. Intra Branda LLC has delivered some of the most promising digital marketing efforts and has maintained its proven track record in building online prominence for its clients.

Intra Branda is one of the leading marketing agencies in the country today. The company has built a reputation for creating every digital marketing need that a brand may require—developing marketing strategies, website design, app design, graphic design, social media, custom content, and many more. Its various services have satisfied countless clients over the years. They have made them rise to the top of their respective industries.

The agency prides itself on being a reliable one-stop-shop, full-service agency, a trait uncommonly shared by other contenders in the industry. Intra Branda is home to the most innovative marketing professionals, ready to tackle whatever problem or goal their clients may have in mind. Because of the agency’s competent team of creatives, it can guarantee results across the board.

Needless to say, Intra Branda is no ordinary marketing agency. The company is both analytical and creative. The team focuses on communicating a brand’s personality and mission through design. In turn, their objective is capable of leaving lasting impressions to viewers and customers who can immediately grasp what a brand is all about just from looking at their website, app, or social media platforms. 

Digital entrepreneur Aleksandar Urdarevik is the founder of Intra Branda. In his words, the agency offers unparalleled services in the industry. “Our marketing strategies are comprehensive and complex, paired with unique custom content, built to drive results and convert clients,” said the CEO. Furthermore, the agency is known for consistently refusing mediocracy, believing that each client deserves original concepts and nothing but the best strategies.

Intra Branda has worked with all kinds of clients, from startup businesses and celebrities to some of the market’s most prominent companies today. One of their most notable clients is Johnny Dang, the iconic Vietnamese jeweler based in Houston, Texas. “We completely transformed his digital presence and got him over two million followers on all his platforms, as well as created his website and put systems in place to transform his work process and eliminate bottlenecks,” said the CEO.

Reflecting its CEO’s artistic perspective, Intra Branda also delivers unmatched execution in their designs. Aleksandar has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. He has always been passionate about thinking out of the box to produce quality marketing campaigns and help people build their brands. When working with clients, the agency’s team of professionals listen and focus on bringing their vision to life. “That’s why my company slogan is ‘Our story is to tell your story.’ We are not happy unless our clients are happy,” said Aleksandar.

Truly, Intra Branda is a strategic partner for any company. Without a doubt, the agency will emerge as the number one, undisputed marketing agency in Houston and even across the country. Aleksandar and his team envision working with more high-profile personalities and let them experience Intra Branda’s expertise.

Learn more about Intra Branda on its website. Connect with them on their Facebook page and Instagram account. 

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