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Famous Cosmetic Doctor Simon Ourian’s Sculpture Commissioned for $3.5 million




Dr. Simon Ourian, a famous cosmetic dermatology doctor in Beverly Hills, California is gaining popularity among gallerists, curators, artists, and purists in the art world. His revolution from aesthetic medicine to sculpting has resulted in the creation of a sculpture valued at $3.5 Million, after its commissioning.

Dr. Simon Ourian and the red lady sculpture in the making

As a cosmetic doctor, the renowned doctor has helped improve and perfect the world’s prettiest faces and has helped turn clients as famous as the Kardashians and Jenners to walking billboards of beauty. Now, as an artist, Dr. Simon Ourian has expertly applied his skill in medicine to create beautiful sculptures that are natural looking and meticulously made.

The mastery of mathematical symmetry has been rendered onto Ourian’s art as shown in his canary yellow canine and red woman sculptures. The two clay molded sculptures caused quite the buzz among art lovers and paparazzi alike. His adeptness in shaping stone and marble magically sets free the life trapped within his artistic creations.

In his Beverly Hills clinic, Epione, Dr. Simon Ourian uses calipers to ensure symmetrical faces for his patients. Now considered a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci, he always has a protractor to measure the precise angle of his art pieces that never escapes his eyes due to his razor-sharp focus in whatever he does.

Over the years, the medical doctor turned artist has revealed some of his sketches and his creative processes to his 3.5 Million-strong followers on Instagram. He describes his creative process as using his anatomy knowledge to enhance his art and vice versa. The beauty and symmetry in his creations shows art and mathematics combined brings out jaw dropping, brow raising beautiful masterpieces.

Dr. Simon Ourian practices at Epione Beverly Hills. The company website is

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