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A Global AR Platform to Launch in the USA




A global augmented reality platform will be launched in the USA that will enable mass adoption of AR compatible devices, including smart glasses by Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

The Augmented.City platform developed by an Italian technology startup consists of three key solutions – a free SDK for developers, AR software, and mobile apps for scanning surrounding objects and demonstrating augmented reality.

The platform solves a major problem of using augmented reality, which is the focal application of the technology.

The Augmented.City involves citizens of every US state, city and town to the process of creating AR that will result in a “layer” of augmented reality covering all cities and states.

This “layer” will include profiles of certain objects – factories, restaurants, cultural exhibitions, and sights. Additionally, owners of AR devices will be able to get useful information – ratings of hotels and places to eat, visitor reviews and tips, rates for free rooms in hotels and even prices for apartments and other property. As soon as an AR device is pointed on a real object, additional information from augmented reality will be displayed.

“We aim at making the idea and technology of AR function everywhere. It is essential that the public would really benefit from augmented reality. Our platform will not only encourage people to transfer real objects to AR, but also push forward device manufacturers motivating them to create more affordable and innovative gadgets. To allow for our AR platform operate on all current and future generation devices, we provide developers with our free SDK. With its help, they will be able to integrate our solution in their proprietary software and apps for devices available on the market today,” says Nicola Bonerba, one of the Co-Founders and the civil construction engineer in Apuglia.

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