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Mikiah Azarcon on Failures as a Motivating Force Towards GO-GETTER Co.’s Success




Sometimes, people tend to source inspiration from moments of failure. For Mikiah Azarcon, it was the time when he was almost kicked out of school that propelled him to better his circumstance. Now, as the creator and founder of GO-GETTER Co., Mikiah explains that people should not be ashamed of their failures. If anything, setbacks are necessary parts of human experience that catapults a person towards greatness.

Traversing the path towards success with his laudable principles, Mikiah Azarcon plans to set the bar high in the fashion and lifestyle industry by introducing a brand that hinges on safety and timelessness. With his dedication, coupled with a cutting-edge flair, he created GO-GETTER Co.

Predominantly situated at the center of elegance in Beverly Hills, California, GO-GETTER Co. is an e-commerce lifestyle brand that perfectly combines style with function. It primarily sells trackable wallets dedicated to addressing the problem with losing wallets. The wallets are slim, expandable, and secured with an RFID material to catch the attention of outgoing men who live a fast-paced lifestyle or those who simply love a dependable design with minimalistic accents. 

Taking pride in its state-of-the-art features, the GO-GETTER Co. Wallet, or GO Wallet, is designed with dimensions that truly highlight the wallet’s slim attributes. Created to eliminate bulk from the dead volume of ordinary wallets, GO Wallet is engineered to fit the exact size of a credit card, making it compact enough to slide through pockets seamlessly. It is also made with 6061-T6 space-grade anodized aluminum that maintains the wallet’s mint condition and prevents it from succumbing to wear-and-tear over the years.

In addition to its functional characteristics, GO Wallet distinguishes itself from ordinary ones by boasting of colors that exude modern, sleek, aesthetic, and timeless designs.

However, GO-GETTER Co. would not have reached the summits of success without the brilliance and dedication of its founder, Mikiah Azarcon. Born and bred with a determination like no other, Mikiah took it upon himself to revolutionize the fashion and lifestyle industry. And seeing how wallets have become stagnant and outdated overtime, Mikiah knew that something had to change.

Although Mikiah may seem to have been blessed with success, this determined spirit came a long way from where he presently stands. From nearly being kicked out of Pepperdine University to one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs under 30, things were not always easy for Mikiah Azarcon. However, if he were asked to do it all over again, Mikiah would not have it any other way. To him, the mistakes and failures he experienced during his meager years were vital factors that bolstered him towards growth and success. Now, as a trailblazer at 22, Mikiah shares that to become great, a person must use his or her failures as propellers towards achieving one’s goals.

In the coming years, Mikiah Azarcon looks forward to expanding the company and seeing GO-GETTER Co. as one of the leading brands for wallets across the world. With his passion and creative spirit, Mikiah and GO-GETTER Co. is well underway.

To know more about Mikiah Azarcon and GO-GETTER Co.’s trailblazing success in the fashion and lifestyle industry, you may visit their website.

Company: GO-GETTER Co.


Phone number: 626 716 0094


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