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Future Dreams and Goals of Sneakers Celebrity Chris Robinson, aka SBcollector




If you haven’t heard of SB Collector yet, it is time to read the story below. You will see what it takes to fulfil your dreams and if it’s worth the price. 

Chris Robinson is behind the name of SB Collector. He is a collector indeed, and he has an incredibly stunning collection of sneakers. Growing up, he had probably less than others but this made him actually develop an eye for fashion and a passion for sneakers.

At 14 he got his first salary and guess what? Yes! He bought his first pair of sneakers. This is how it started. Slowly, he begins to understand this community and to create his own way in a whole new world. How he managed to do that? Well, he understood the importance of having connections, of working hard and this is how Chris achieved his goals.

With a collection of over 3000 pairs of sneakers and a huge community of over 130k on Instagram, Chris Robinson managed to create his own universe. In addition, he is the owner of a sneakers store, this being his biggest accomplishment until present. Now, he is the one creating the lines, not the one standing in a line.

If we take a look at his story, we might conclude that all of his hard work paid off after all and now his dreams are part of reality, no longer just dreams. What is the next step? Chris Robinson has a strategy and once a dream comes true, another goal is set. The journey is never-ending, as the most important thing in his industry is not the final destination, but the process of getting there.

 Chris Robinson is selling sneakers at auctions and he often donates the money to charities as he understands the importance of sharing.

“I also am fortunate enough to be able to donate to multiple charities through sneakers, I have purchased 3 pairs of the Nike Air Mags and donated over $15,000 to Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation, as well as $11,000 to Doerbecher Children’s Hospital after purchasing one pair of the What the Doernbecher Nike Dunk in an eBay charity auction. We run numerous clothing/shoe drives throughout the year in-store to help out our local communities.”

With such a great success at the moment, what are his future goals and plans? We had the great opportunity to ask Chris himself how his future looks like and what are his ambitions, after achieving one of the most important goals of this life. One day, he hopes that he will sign his own shoe with Nike SB. Where will Chris be in 10 years?

“In 10 years, I hopefully have done a couple collaborations with Nike, have worn my Paris Dunks in Paris, my London dunks in Tokyo, and my Tokyo dunks in Tokyo, as well as opened a few extra doors for my business.”

Chris Robinson, an Irish African American who grew up in a small town in Jersey shared his story with us. To see his amazing collection follow him on Instagram on @sbcollector. You will be amazed to see his own collection. 

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