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Fearless Dance Company Raises a New Generation of Dancers




Teaching discipline in an inspiring environment is what the instructors at Fearless Dance Company do best. Using constructive criticism to bring out the best in every student is a commitment they make to give students an opportunity to excel and be the best versions of themselves. From classical ballet to hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dance, among others, students are guaranteed to have the time of their lives as they express their art form freely. 

Owner and Director Alex Estrada has been dancing since she was seven years old. She started at Corona Dance Academy in California, where she mostly trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, tap, contemporary, and hip hop. She also trained under The Edge, Millennium Dance Complex, and Debbie Reynolds. She competed in a variety of contests in Southern California for seven years and received many accolades for her exceptional performance. She was the team director for four and a half years and had been teaching her greatest passion for the past eight years. 

“I established Fearless Dance Company because throughout my life I felt that we shouldn’t have any fears when it comes to what we love. We shouldn’t be scared to try new things, we should just go for it. Often in the dance room I find myself saying, “Be fearless and don’t hold back.” I believe that every dancer should dance to the fullest without worrying about falling or feeling like they failed,” Alex Estrada reveals. 

Fearless Dance Company offers several options in dance instruction. Clients can choose from private lessons and group classes. The private lessons are highly recommended so that clients get value for their money as they enjoy a one-on-one session with an instructor. Personalized instruction and immediate correction enable students to immediately apply valuable lessons from their instructor. 

“Everyone should have the opportunity to go full out and not be scared about who is watching. I want it to be a fun and loving environment for everyone to enjoy their experience here at fearless Dance Company. Anyone who is interested in joining FDC will be pushed to the next level and we will make it our mission to make sure they succeed in their art of dance,” Estrada adds.

If there is one thing that Estrada is truly proud of, it is her dance company’s highly skilled and committed team of instructors. They are best known for their positive attitude, their commitment to teaching, and patient in dealing with students. They are all very eager to make Fearless Dance Company the next big thing in Southern California. 

Alex Estrada wants people to see dance from a different perspective, aside from it being famously known as an art form. As people begin to see that dancing has many health benefits and that it is actually fun to do, they will begin to embrace it as a fitness option that will keep them active, flexible, and help them release their stresses at the same time. In the next couple of years, Alexandra sees her company expanding and accommodating more clients than she could imagine. She also intends to increase the company’s capacity and expand in its current location. 

As she continues to pursue her life’s mission, she hopes to be able to teach dance to those who wish to experience its glory and dynamism. 

Learn more about Fearless Dance Company by visiting its website. Follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates. 

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