Real Estate Branding Expert Turned Global Marketing Sensation: Mitchell Conquer

In a real sense, your entire story can easily be put into fewer than ten words. It’s easier said than done. Nevertheless, to connect with your target audience and make them read your entire story in full, it is important to have a catchy headline. Creating a strategic approach to boost your brand should encourage frequent online activities to maximize your organic social media presence, target marketing, use of native advertising, and live streaming. In the end, it’s vital to tell your story, which will encourage and captivate others to follow your example. 

Mitchell Conquer knows without a doubt how a simple mistake in a branding strategy makes a company lose revenue and attract negative publicity. He has in-depth knowledge of how slippery the path to success has always been. Therefore, he took the initiative to tie down all loose ends in his marketing strategy and implementation process. Mitchell exhibits an impeccable performance that has led him to manage one of the top investment companies in Canada, Real Estate teams that close over 500 deals per year, and companies that religiously hit $500,000 a month.

Mitchell takes the approach of thinking like a business owner, thus making himself relatable as a marketer. Through his company Investor Social, the services Mitchell offers are unique services that allow them to create world-renowned brands and generate organic leads through the brand. 

Investor Social is one of the companies that was created out of necessity. Being one of the most saturated industries in North America, an opportunity to form diverse marketing strategies in real estate became inevitable. Therefore, leading the company to build world-renowned brands through social media’s power, coupled with comprehensive marketing strategies that boost brand recognition. The company offers lead generation tools and proprietary marketing software, which allows them to swiftly perform at an extremely high caliber enabling their clients to obtain both optimal results and dominance within their respective industries. 

Mitchell Conquer understands the need to have impeccable lead generation results which is the key to building not only a reputable but also a long-lasting business. New era marketing companies are too focused on fads, while Investor Social focuses on generating the next generation of business. 

Mitchell advises others on the need to become a master of one skill rather than a jack of all trades. Stay focused and driven while doing your research to cover all aspects before you pull the trigger and do not get distracted before finally executing your plan. It is absurd to be caught up in old school marketing methods while the innovative world is rapidly adopting the social media norm and positive changes in the updated marketing strategies. While some people cannot devote themselves to digital growth and resources for growth, such as PR, Investor Social is willing to wear the shoes and walk the path with all its clients. 

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