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Pierre Balian’s music management company “For the Culture Couture” curated especially for you to launch your talent to the apex of stardom




Pierre’s firm “For The Culture Couture”, is a boutique music management and marketing agency that was established in 2017.

Former figure skater,Pierre Balian has forged his name in the world is music and social media marketing with innovation and holistic development of the artists he works with. His company “For the Culture Couture” stands out with its unique ability of blending creativity and experience. The identity pillars of this brand is it’s excellent marketing schemes, recognition across nations, Networking and enthusiastic professionals who dedicatedly work towards forming custom made strategies for every other artist.

Since the launch of FTCC, it’s succeeded in  garnering an impressive roster of artists. He has worked with one of Brazil’s biggest pop stars, creating a team of young and influential music executives, such as Steve “Capo” Newland, owner of IMS, a consultant agency from Las Vegas, Nevada.

They have helped artists honing their talents while shaping social media approach thus curating a mind-boggling experience.They have been an excellent catalyst for artists to achieve a global exposure.

They has unlatched yet another treasure trove by announcing  their plan to  set up  new offices in US’s most posh “Hollywood”, CA and will soon be a centre of attraction for young and energetic talents all across the continent.

At present, Pierre has multiple projects scheduled such as collaborations with various artists and big names in the music industry like Snow Tha Product, Wiz Khalifa, Latin Super Producer Maffio, and a executive producer on a project with WMG(Brazil). All of which are  said to be bumper releases of 2020.

“For the Culture Couture” has established itself as the most sort after Music management and Marketing Firm with its dedication towards boosting artists and nurturing their talent.Its got every artist covered from great experience to multi media approach. It’s gained enormous trust and will continue to do so in its glorious years to come.

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