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Otter PR Finds A Story With Each Client




Public Relations is booming. Well, that’s especially true for the new and ever expanding PR company, Otter PR. Given that we are in the midst of a pandemic and lockdown, with unseen numbers of people being laid off, business success isn’t necessarily something that is expected. But Otter PR has flourished during the pandemic. 

Otter PR was founded just as 2019 was coming to a close, by longtime friends Scott Bartnick and Dr. Jay Feldman. Bartnick is an entrepreneurial and E-Commerce guru. He began his own E-Commerce business that enabled him to remain financially stable while traveling around the world, and worked with a Fortune 500 company, gaining knowledge and experience with marketing. Dr. Feldman is the creative mind behind Otter PR, and knows how to lead companies to gain exposure and success. He also has had experience as a client with a PR company, and saw how they were failing to deliver what he needed. With their business expertise and creative genius behind Otter PR, they have seen the business and team grow at a rate that neither of them anticipated, particularly during COVID-19.

In fact, just over the last two months, Bartnick and Dr. Feldman have seen their business team nearly double, adding on publicists and writers to meet their growing client base. Now, Otter PR has grown to include publicists, social media experts, and content creators with a combined total of over 100 years of experience.  Which has been astounding for the two founders, and unseen for the economic climate. But they believe that the reason for the growth and their client base is because of the quick turnaround for their clients in getting published. But it is also because Otter PR focuses on the story of each company and business they work for, rather than the type or product that is being sold. 

If a business has a story that Otter PR believes is worth sharing and telling, then they take on the business. This belief in the story is what motivates Scott and Jay and their team to quickly deliver for their clients. This is key. It doesn’t matter what type of brand or company it is: they have worked with life coaches, personal trainers, social media influencers, as well as recognizable national businesses. With a strong belief in the story of their company and business, Otter PR is committed to their guarantee of having their clients be published. It’s gotten their clients good results. Otter PR has landed their clients on media outlets such as CNBC, Forbes, Popsugar, Yahoo Finance, The New York Times, and Thrive Global.

Otter PR is also unique when compared to most public relations companies in the type of contracts with their clients. Rather than making a client stay when their situation changes or when their need has been met, Otter PR offers month-to-month contracts. Each client stays on for a month, and then it is up to the client if they want to extend that month further, or not. That way, the client has more control, and both Jay and Scott understand that sometimes PR may only be needed for a one time event. 

As the year continues, Otter PR continues to expand underneath the leadership of Bartnick and Dr. Jay, who stay committed to finding the story for each prospective client. 

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