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Osama Habeeb Pursues his Career in PUBG Game Like a Pro




The gaming world has presented a plethora of growth opportunities for everyone to pursue their gaming careers. Many people have managed to establish a strong place for themselves in the gaming world. It is due to the availability of many electronic games in the market. And it is also because of the creative gaming skills of people.

Osama Habeeb is one such name who has managed to carve out a big name for himself in the PUBG gaming world. The network of the PUBG game has crossed new domains within a very limited time and gamers like Osama Habeeb have managed to take advantage of the growth of the PUBG network.

Pursues PUBG in a Professional Fashion

Osama Habeeb plays PUBG as a professional gamer and he creates content & does live streaming on the Facebook gaming website. Due to this, Osama has won many awards in a variety of multinational rivalries and he got the 7th rank in the International PUBG MOBILE as of 2019. He is one of the best gamers of his generation in Iraq as he has participated in many official regional competitions presenting Iraq.

PUBG Game Crosses New Growth Limits

Brenden Greene, an Ireland born & Brazil-based web designer and photographer, created the PUBG game. A Japanese movie, Royal War, inspired him to invent the game the multiplayer fight royale game, PUBG. Produced and released by Bluehole, the PUBG game has gained popularity among the young generation.

In 2018, a free version of PUBG was released for both Android and iOS due. Slowly, it started gaining popularity among game lovers and its sale crossed over 70 million units by 2020 for both PCs as well as gaming consoles. Apart from PUBG Mobile, the multi-player war game has collected 734 million downloads and over $3.5 billion in revenue in mobile devices.

Participation in PUBG Gaming Competition

PUBG has gained immense popularity in the gaming world due to its Royal combat genre. The game has won many nominations for Game of the Year and several other awards. The PUBG company has also organized many minor competitions and launched in-game tools for increasing the popularity of this game. Osama Habeeb, who pursues his career in the gaming world has passionately followed this game.

And he has participated in many competitions organized by PUBG. In 2021, Osama has taken part in PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2021 that presents a wonderful opportunity to join the PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP. It offers prize money of $1,642,400 and the best MOBILE Players and Squads from 27 regions participate in it.

Passionately Following the PUBG Game 

Osama Habeeb is enthusiastically and passionately pursuing the PUBG game due to his love for the game. The Iraqi content creator creates exceptional gaming content and he sees a bright career in the PUBG game as it grows excessively owing to strong marketing.

Osama has taken an initiative to introduce by organizing remote workshops for teaching young gamers to play the PUBG game in a secure way. Not just his creativity but also his entrepreneurial skills have allowed the professional gamer to rise to a new place in his PUBG gaming career. He works hard to run a splendid business in the PUBG gaming world.

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