Here Is Why Caesar Rondina Should be On Your 2021 Reading List

Avid readers and book worms are always looking for new titles and authors which can have a unique spark and set their imagination on a wild pursuit of drama. The drop in temperatures across the country has led us to endure man life changes, flock in our homes, and pick up some options from our shelves. Brushing through different tiles, we stumble upon an exciting author whose contributions to the writing world with articulate storytelling and creative expression continue to be a celebrated fact. 

We are talking about Caesar Rondina, an author who hails from New England and is a father to three adult children. Rondina, before becoming a full-time writer and authoring best-selling novels, served in different careers, which seemed surprisingly unrelated to his strong expertise at storytelling and his ability to push drama into context.

He is now notably known as an author with proficiency in writing in a variety of genres. Rondina has prolifically written for categories of mystery, crime, self-help, and romance. He recalls that “love stories” remain his favorite subject, and each time he sits down to tell a romance tale, the excitement and energy exuded in his words are something never seen elsewhere.

The author is also quite active on the internet, with a weekly blog that he publishes called “The Author’s Pen,” dedicated to the community of his fans and followers with whom he frequently engages. Rondina regularly posts new content on his blog every Monday evening at 10.30 PM EST. Not just written posts, he has also discovered his way around media and has maintained the habit of producing a video-based blog post monthly.

As a writer, he has always been passionate about sharing his gift of knowledge. In his free time, Rondina actively volunteers to teach young and aspiring writers who are dedicated and passionate about writing. He takes pride in teaching and imparting knowledge, which he has accumulated through a lifetime of work.

The author went to pursue a professional academic career in Education at University of Bridgeport. He also went to West Haven High School and studied business from the University of New Haven. He served as a CT. Licensed Paramedic for the Yale-New Haven Sponsor Hospital Paramedic Program and was a career firefighter graduate from the Connecticut Firefighter academy. Rondina also serves as a USCG Licensed Master Boat Captain and is a graduate from Sea School. Rondina acquired ACLS and BLS certifications from the AHA, and earned a license of being a Technician and Educator from the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers.

The attributes mentioned above wrap nearly three decades of Rondina’s professional career. He might seem to be known for saving lives as a frontline worker, but he discovered his passion and wit for writing later on in his career’s final stages. He thought that he had ideas that could be set in motion to put something positive out in the world and give back to society in a meaningful way.

Caesar’s experiences as a firefighter and paramedic has wisdom looming over his shoulders. He frequently writes and speaks at public events and colleges. He wrote his first book, titled “The Soul In Our Hearts.” This book is an up-close and personal look into the problematic and demanding professional life of the author. He reflects and touches on the emotional side of being a frontline worker, running for duty calls, and sometimes having no rest in between. 

His work on this book allowed us to insight into the intense occupation of firefighters, who give their lives and their time to protect the public and in service of humanity. Furthermore, the book remains relevant for people of all walks of life as they find secrets of strength and sheer wisdom, which Rondina shares from his experience, allowing him to get past each difficult day and bid farewell to the storm. It allows anyone who is reading a different perspective on life’s struggles and coping mechanisms.

He also wrote “Who Are The Heroes,” where he drew accounts of his arduous profession. He shared knowledge and information for individuals who spent their lives under challenging careers and the tricks to get through these times. Rondina is also the author of the self-help books “Balancing The Scale,” “The Warrior Within,” and “Making Partnership Choices.

Apart from writing, Rondina actively delves into volunteer work in the service of the victims of domestic violence. He works with focused groups and victim groups two to three times each year and shares a deep passion for abolishing domestic violence from communities. Rondina authored an inspirational book titled, “A Woman’s Fear,” which remains an insightful book on the perils of domestic violence faced by women. The book by Caeser Rondina is an exceptional attempt to impart empathy, so that more and more people understand and have a glimpse into the reality of millions of women. The book remains an absolute page turner. You can visit Caesar Rondina’s website at

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