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New Virtual Seminars Offered by Chancellor Lee of One Logos to Help Struggling Faith Communities




One Logos Theological Seminary, a tuition-free, non-denominational Bible school that offers an in-depth study of the Holy Scriptures, will offer a free online seminar on September 18th for the general community and religious community leaders. With its mission to bring theological instruction and Biblical knowledge to all those who desire to learn, One Logos and the seminar speaker, One Logos Chancellor Lee, hope that this seminar will be the beginning of a faith revival in the midst of the pandemic and its effects on the religious sector. 

Over the past two years, millions of congregants have stayed home rather than attend church, and ministries have struggled to retain membership attendance for online services and events. Although many churches have re-opened their doors, the worries of permanently losing members remain. 

One Logos seeks to remedy this issue by equipping pastors and ministry leaders with greater theological education, ministry resources, and clear Biblical knowledge. In a series of virtual seminars, One Logos Chancellor Lee, a renowned speaker on the Bible, Chancellor Lee has inspired over 30,000 attendees, including thousands of pastors from the North, Central, and South America regions. The hope is to continue to inspire pastors and congregants alike, and bring a revival to the faith communities struggling the most with retention. 

Seminar topics will include Biblical explanations on the prophecies and fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, and the call to believers today in navigating the challenges of modern society and the COVID-19 pandemic. The September seminar was organized in response to previous seminar participants’ requests for another seminar where more members of their network could join as well. 

Although the physical doors of many churches may remain closed during this time, there has been a renewed interest and hunger for learning the Bible. Online platforms have allowed pastors to reach new audience members and current congregants. The question is: what can be shared to inspire and move hearts to faith once again? Chancellor Lee and One Logos hope this new September seminar can provide a push in the right direction and provide new Biblical insights into the present time and equip faith leaders with the correct understanding of truth.

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