One Logos’ Chancellor Lee Seeks to Inspire Community Revival 

September 18th, 2021 — In this time of COVID, One Logos Theological Seminary, a non-denominational theological institution has placed bringing resources and revivals to communities worldwide as their first priority. Part of this new initiative has been a series of online seminars that educate attendees on the importance of scriptural content and studies in their ministry work. 

The One Logos sponsored event held on September 18th captured the attention of  thousands of pastors and ministry leaders, all hailing from different cultures, walks of life, and denominations. 

Chancellor Lee, the event’s main speaker, spoke about the importance of ministry leaders being the first to dive into Scriptural study and the understanding of the Bible’s prophetic content. The seminar garnered more attendees than expected, far surpassing the initial registered number. 

The seminar, held in the Americas, was attended by pastors from North, Central, and South America as well as the general public. The main message of encouraging individuals to equip themselves with stronger faith and not losing hope in God during the pandemic struck a chord with many in attendance, who expressed a desire to continue their biblical education and studies with One Logos post-event. 

A pastor in attendance, Pastor Julian Villanueva of Iglesia de Dios in Mexico said “I want to learn what he has seen and heard because he is the messenger sent to the churches.” 

Another attendee from Guatemala, Pastor Jackie Quiñonez of the Ministerio Espíritu y Fuego Santo was especially impressed by the call to action Chancellor Lee gave to all faith ministry leaders in attendance. 

Christian pastors Oscar Gonzalez of the Iglesia evangélica Señor Dios Todo Poderoso, an evangelical Christian church and Pastor Ana Hernandez Ardon of the Iglesia Profética La Roca es Cristo were impressed by Chancellor Lee’s fervency and visible knowledge of the Bible. “It can be seen how God chose him and how he is doing the duty that God gave him: to testify what he saw and heard,” said Gonzalez and Ardon. 

As churches decline in attendance and congregation size, many churches are choosing to close their doors. One Logos and Chancellor Lee’s seminar aims to show church leaders that an alternative solution is possible — if one can equip the congregation with much-needed knowledge of the Bible and guidance on its application to our lives today. 

Through the favorable feedback and response from today’s seminar, One Logos plans to host more seminars online for those who were not able to attend today. 

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