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Mariel Hemingway Reviews Manhattan Book Group, A Leading Hybrid Book Publisher Based in New York City




California native Mariel Hemingway has given Manhattan Book Group a favorable review: “If you’re looking to get your book published professionally, look no further than Manhattan Book Group. There’s a reason Manhattan Book Group is rated the #1 independent book publisher in New York City — they’re the best of the best. I recommend them without reservation.”

Manhattan Book Group is independently owned by #1 best-selling author J.J. Hebert. He started the company to give “unagented” authors a chance to get published by a New York City-based publisher without having to jump through hoops, e.g. send out query letters only to face rejection or receive no response at all. Manhattan Book Group reviews manuscripts quickly and efficiently and decides on a manuscript within a week.

“Mariel Hemingway understands the benefits of Manhattan Book Group,” said Hebert. “Traditional publishing and self-publishing can be very challenging, so our hybrid approach, which picks and chooses the best attributes from both sides, helps make publishing easier and more accessible.”

Mariel Hemingway is an award-winning actress best known for her Golden Globe nominated breakout role Lipstick as well as her performance in Woody Allen’s Manhattan and Superman IV. She is also the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, the legendary novelist. Mariel is a bestselling author of several books, and she is a mental health advocate, appearing on Oprah’s SuperSoul program and producing Running from Crazy, a documentary examining her personal journey as she strives to understand her family’s history of suicide and mental illness.

Manhattan Book Group, which hosts the prestigious Manhattan Book Awards, helps authors with all aspects of book publishing, from book cover design to editing to distribution and marketing. The publisher offers an author program created by its founder J.J. Hebert. The program promises to help accepted authors get media coverage from major outlets such as NBC, CBS and FOX, among others. Manuscripts that pass the vetting process also appear on best-seller lists. For more information, go to

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