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Dr. Steven Cyr Has A Unique Approach Towards Body Contouring & Liposuction




Dr. Steven Cyr is a spine surgeon and cosmetologist with profound knowledge and passion for fitness and bodybuilding. With his enhanced knowledge,the acclaimed surgeon was able to identify the anatomic flaws in high definition liposculpture. The process of Liposculpture made people look artificial. It created a manufactured look for them. Anybody could identify that the other has done something to the face and body which isn’t natural.

Dr. Cyr developed a unique approach which he named as the OrthoSculpt. This process creates a natural look of a true fitness athlete or bodybuilder for the clients. When the cosmetic surgeries are done correctly, it becomes difficult for the viewer to differentiate between a surgically made body and a one built in the gym. This is only possible when the surgeon is as skilled as Dr. Cyr.

Spine surgeries are the most delicate and complex surgeries in the world. Dr. Steven Cyr is considered an artist in handling these surgeries. It was his patients who requested him to start cosmetic surgeries too. They believed he would do the best in handling them. They were absolutely right.

When Dr. Cyr got interested in cosmetology, he made sure he entered the best institute on fellowship and trained under the best cosmetologist in the world Dr. Wilbur Hah, a triple board certified surgeon. After the extensive training of 2 years, Dr. Steven Cyr also took up other courses to become more skilled in cosmetic surgery. Today he is one of the rare doctors who conduct spine surgeries and cosmetic surgeries with equal finesse.

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