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New Jersey Artist RayKatanna Is Developing A Career As A Rapper




RayKatanna, an up-and-coming rapper from Newark, New Jersey, grew up in a city known to be a bad part of town. Despite the area, he has spent his entire life in Jersey and draws on the region’s diverse musical history to create the sound he is known for today. RayKatanna, who comes from the frontline, wants to give others hope and convince people worldwide that they don’t have to fall into the box that culture has created for them.

As he works to instill this hope in other people, he is also constantly working on himself as an artist to be in a prime position anytime an opportunity presents itself. His melodic flow has been drawing attention from people in the industry, and it is only a matter of time before something big comes RayKatanna’s way.

There is no doubt that RayKatanna will one day be a star in the industry. He has proven to be able to be successful; now, he needs to rinse and repeat until he is in the position he wants to be. It’s going to be thrilling to watch this young artist grow and develop, be sure that you’re along for the ride.

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Stream RayKatanna’s Music on Spotify here.

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