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Giorgia Mondani’s Chemistry with Rolex Watches & Mondani Web




Marking her presence on social media, bookshelves and prominently into the watch dealership industry, Giorgia Mondani’s knack for horology has literally blessed the lives of wristwatch lovers globally. The rapid popularity of luxury watches, thanks to social media, has emboldened the industry to reinvent itself in no time and Giorgia is another horology master to create groundbreaking mastery into the world of watches. In the world of 21st-century women, Giorgia reinforces the facts that a woman can lead a conventionally male-dominated industry with passion and love for their work.

When it comes to describing her interests, Giorgia has been more than just a watch enthusiast. This professional tennis player became one of the best 400 players in the world by the age of 18, finished her internship in Swiss auction house Antiquorum and went ahead to explore the legacy that her father was running for years. She joined the family business, Mondani Books, one of the leading publishing houses in the field of collecting wristwatches.

Her dedicated love for Rolex tickers followed her from her father’s legacy to her married life, which she fondly calls it “destined love.” The journey for the family began back in 1986 and thereon became publishers of the books that guide watch lovers to find their ultimate ticker.

Mondani Web is another space to introduce horology lovers to the astounding & premium timepieces of the world. Keeping up with the developments in the online world, Mondani web captivated massive attention on social media with a refined worldwide network of new and pre-owned dealers. Establishing a wide presence on social media and quickly building a social media agency in the world of watches, Giorgia has the vision to introduce watch dealers with a committed platform.

Meanwhile, if it’s about owning luxury and exquisite timepieces, Mondani web has gained a reputation as a trusted network of dealers in the industry. The publications have further made a large splash by acquainting its customers with insightful decisions before buying a watch.

Currently, Giorgia is expanding her footprints in the watch dealership industry and digital entrepreneurship by continually presenting remarkably indulgent and beautiful high-end watches. Talking about her long term projects, she says, “Our current goal is to remain focused on Rolex, Patek, and Omega, but you never know. We always look for high-quality publications to propose to our clients. Via our website and social media, people are kept up to date on new book releases.”

Mondani Web can be a paradise found for passionate watch collectors. Right from Mondani publications introducing the watch collectors with the details and intricacies of watches to giving people a reliable platform to collect and sell the watches, it’s a big arena to find Rolex with a limited edition of Patek Philippe, Omega, Audemars Piguet, and Richard Mille watch. Today, Mondani Web is thriving with 400 trusted dealers, over 40 partners, a specialised social media agency in the world of watches and some tremendous sales records.

After the golden ride into the incredible world of tickers, Giorgia concludes, “You need to know the watch that you are going to invest into. That’s only possible once you have done your research. And don’t trust anything and everything on the internet and social media. Find good sources & smartly selected watch sellers.”

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