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New Beatles Tattoo of Drake is not Getting Appreciation from Fans of the Famed British Band




The left arm of the Canadian rapper Drake is showcasing a new controversial ink which portrays him as the fifth Beatle who is standing ahead of the late John Lennon in the famed Abbey Road crosswalk shot. Apart from this new addition, the rapper already has a couple of tattoos randomly inked which represents a jack-o-lantern, Aaliyah, Denzel Washington, a flaming skull, Rihanna eating ice cream along with basketball stars Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. It seems Beatles fans are not happy with the latest ink.

Drake has made several records till date. It was reported in Rolling Stone that the rapper had seven songs in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 in July 2018. With this outstanding performance he broke the Beatles’ previous record of five songs.

Then in no time, just three months later, he also succeeded in breaking the record for most Hot 100 top 10 songs in a single year where he overtook the 1964 achievement of the Beatles. Drake did pass the band for second-most top 10 songs in the history of the Hot 100 in June.

There were many remarks from Beatles fans with regards to the new tattoo inked by Drake. A user on twitter wrote – “The Beatles have more number 1 singles, number 1 albums and they have sold more music than anybody in history. In fact Beatles is still selling millions each year and has achieved all this without any streaming! The only way Drake would beat The Beatles is in his own mind!” Another user remarked that – “He does love Drake but that’s so tacky and cocky.” There were comments from Instagram users as well. One commentator wrote, “Let’s see if Drake’s music would be still popular after 50 years from today? Umm Probably NOT!”

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