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Neon Funding Shares How Much Money You Can Make Per Year Creating Personal Finance YouTube Videos




Millions of Americans are interested in personal finance. They want to do whatever it takes to work their way out of debt and overcome their financial difficulties. Individuals need more advice than simply to buy less and make more. They need specific advice about how to pay off their debts and organize their finances. A personal finance YouTube channel can be incredibly helpful in aiding this process and helping these individuals. In addition, an individual has the chance to make a serious amount of money-making personal finance YouTube videos.

Why personal finance videos are popular

Personal finance videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube because of their universal appeal. In a number of different YouTube video areas, an individual is appealing to a particular group. They may be talking to individuals who like a certain media brand or are interested in a particular product. This appeal is not focused on reaching the largest number of people possible and is not intended to. Therefore, a person will always be limited on the number of individuals that they may be able to reach. Personal finance videos do not have this sort of problem because they are appealing to every single American and the vast majority of people around the world.

Almost everyone deals with money on a daily basis and thinks about money. Tens of millions of Americans are currently struggling with amounts of debt that are much higher than they believe that they will be able to pay in the near future. These problems with debt are almost universal and mean that personal finance videos will have a universal audience. An individual who reaches only a fraction of a percent of all of the people with debt can make a comfortable income with the money that they bring in from personal finance YouTube videos.

The revenue stream for personal finance YouTube videos

Individuals make money off of these videos in a number of different ways. The most common and simplistic way to make money off of YouTube videos is by having those YouTube videos monetized. A monetized video means that YouTube is paying an individual a percentage of the ad revenue that their video brings it. That video often has to have a large number of views and has to be from a person who can garner views in the future. Some individuals make videos for months or even years before they reach a level of monetization and are able to bring in money from their videos.

Monetization for videos is a steady source of income for some people but can be finicky for others. It is a designation that has been removed for millions of videos in the past few years. An individual can also make money from a personal finance video by selling certain products. There are personal finance software packages and other products that a person can put together and sell under their own brand name. There are books that a person can write and podcasts that they can create and sell.

An individual may also be able to set up a licensing agreement with another company. They may be paid whenever they appear with that product. All of this work can help make an individual significantly wealthy. YouTube personal finance channels can sometimes make tens of thousands of dollars a year. They can lead to massive residual payments as well.

What to do

Anyone who is interested in making money with a personal finance YouTube channel needs to research the market and read up on the topics they want to talk about. Individuals should spend many hours looking at what their competition will be. A person needs to discover their own niche and take advantage of potential opportunities that are present in the marketplace. Then, they need to get their set up for their videos straight. Individuals need to have the best equipment that they can buy with the money that they have.

Quality is important for personal finance videos and is essential for getting all of the relevant information to the viewer. Finally, an individual needs to start making videos and marketing those videos. An essential part of marketing is making connections within the field of these YouTube videos. They can make connections with both users and ancillary companies like Neon Funding. These connections will help get them in touch with the advertisers and other professionals that they will need to properly monetize their page and make as much money as possible.


Making personal finance YouTube videos can be a chore. An individual has to spend as much time marketing their page as they do actually making videos. There is nothing guaranteed about making money with this process. But individuals who are dedicated and in tune with the marketplace, and those who work with dedicated partners like Neon Funding, have a chance at making significant money and becoming wealthy. They are tapping into a need that is present throughout the country and even around the world when it comes to personal finance. Individuals who meet a societal need well are often compensated handsomely for doing so.

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