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The Fitness Journey of Crystal Wall, a Fitness Advocate, and Blogger




Living a healthy and happy life has become one of the major goals of people in the current global pandemic. One secret to a happy and healthy lifestyle is a fit body. That’s exactly what Crystal Wall helps you achieve. Crystal Wall is the creator and manager of the Wall House Fitness At-Home Workout, formerly known as Crystal Wall Fitness. In addition to being the owner of this urban Dance Fitness class, she is promoting the self-love movement for ladies across the globe. Crystal is mother to 3 kids and wife to Rapper Paul.

In 2014, Crystal was selected as Houston’s one of the most Fascinating People. She also got voted as the Houston’s popular and Chronicle’s Top Trainers a year later. Since then, the founder of Crystal Wall Fitness has been trying to motivate people to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Crystal was born and raised by a Southern family. Growing up, she often linked food to a happy and healthy life. However, her life did not go as planned. In less than a year, she had to witness three miserable deaths of her closest family members. Her father died of lung cancer and she lost her grandmother to diabetes. Crystal also witnessed the death of her aunt due to heart failure. That was when she realized the importance of health. She decided that it wasn’t only necessary for her to stay fit and healthy, but a healthy lifestyle was important for her family’s health as well.

Crystal Wall introduced a change to her basic and unhealthy lifestyle on that day. She started following a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise. The food we eat impacts our health. So, the food you eat and the diet you follow will affect your overall health and lifestyle. At this point, Crystal had started to educate herself about the importance of a healthy diet and a proper workout routine. She proved that you can achieve your goals if you are passionate about it. Crystal lost 75 pounds in 2012. She decided to inspire and motivate women to follow a healthy diet and dance practices to achieve their fitness objectives. Crystal started her own dance classes in 2012. Women from different walks of life joined her dance classes and learned the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle. A year later, Crystal Wall started her business, which she named “Mixfitz Studios”. Crystal had to witness another loss in 2014. This time it was her sister who died of heart failure and left her 14-year old daughter to Crystal. She took custody of her niece and made her an important part of the business.

Apart from her business and dance classes, Crystal works as the Lead Ambassador for the Own Every Piece campaign. She works as a health advocate and health influencer. She has been an inspiration to all the women who aspire to get fit and healthy. Crystal was appointed as the Brand Ambassador for Go Red Campaign, American Heart Associations, and other brands.

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