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Negligent and Drunken Driving is a Major Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents in the World, Say Experts




Negligent and drunken driving is a major reason contributing to an increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents at a global level. And it has resulted in more injuries and deaths in different parts of the world. Over the last decade, an increase in road traffic is noticed as road traffic has increased a lot.

A large portion of people don’t follow traffic rules sternly and they even drive their vehicles in a drunken state. If we take into consideration the number of deaths on roadways globally then this number stands at 1.35 million. This is as per the official data revealed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Moreover, it has added that about 3700 people are killed at a global level in road traffic crashes in cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, and trucks. According to many experts, the way of dealing with motor vehicle accidents has changed a lot. And people are now making use of online legal services to get compensation and justice.

More Road Accidents in Developing Countries

As per the data available by the CDC, it is observed that the number of road accidents is high in low and middle-income countries. Due to this, developing countries bear a lot of financial burdens. More than 90% of the deaths in road accidents take place in low and middle-income countries. People in these countries don’t follow traffic rules seriously and hence negligent driving leads to more deaths in such nations.

Dealing with Car Accidents has Become a Lot Easier

In today’s time, many online services are available due to which dealing with motor vehicle accidents has become a lot easier. Many experts have shared that it is now easy to call an attorney service from the site of the accident to form a strong case. In California, the number of road accidents due to various reasons has seen a hike over the years. And it has increased the demand for attorney services to deal with road accident cases.

More than 3000 people die in car accidents in California on a yearly basis. Out of all the common causes of traffic fatalities, negligent and drunken driving is the major one. However, due to the availability of many expert attorneys at many law firms, it is now possible for a victim’s families to get compensation. Even during the coronavirus pandemic situation, law firms are providing online attorney services to help victims recover from a loss.

Need to Introduce Strict Traffic Rules 

It is important to introduce strict rules for road traffic to make people responsible for driving safely. Many experts have expressed that imposing a heavy fine on rule violators can help to reduce the number of road accidents and hence the number of fatalities. A lot of countries have already started implementing strict rules and heavy fines to reduce road accidents.

Take Right Actions at the Site of the Accident

When confronted with a road accident, it is vital for a person to take the right actions. Especially, during the current situation of the global pandemic, it is important to practice the necessary precautions. Car accident law firms are providing their services to help people settle their car accident claims during the Covid-19 pandemic situation with ease.

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