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Throughout life, there are lots of things that catch a person’s eye. But there is only one thing that stays in a person’s heart forever, and that is something that a person is passionate about. Some people are passionate about sports; others are interested in medicine, some people look forward to being great actors, while other people are excellent in arts.

When a person finds a passion, their utmost desire is to put in incessant hard work and efforts so that they make their mark in their field of passion. Even though everyone is born with this burning fire to be successful in their line of work, but not everyone has the motivation, dedication, and courage to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.

Among those individuals who are known across the globe for carrying their passion and dedicating their life struggles to be successful, the name of Mazayah Legend Andrews is prominent.

Mazayah kick-started his career as a football player. And today, he is a top entrepreneur in the world of fashion. For Mazayah, the yearning desire to be known in across the world was through football. But knowing that the world expected something more, he stepped into entrepreneurship. Even though everything was new to him, he came out successful. His company, Vakurai Paris Collection, is proof of his hard work and dedication. And due to this, he has earned a $2.1 million net worth.

On top of that, he has also written a book, “Entrepreneurship – Should You Take the Plunge?” for helping all those who are looking forward to being successful in life.


Born on October 14, 1984, Mazayah Legend Andrews is the son of Cynthia Barber and Marvin Andrews.  Growing up in Boynton Beach, Mazayah was a very dedicated child from the very start. His passion and dedication were always exemplary. Mazayah is the cousin of Tiki Barber, former New York Giants running back, Ronde Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback, and Brad Banks, former American football quarterback. He is also the relative of Ron Meeks, who is the former gridiron football player and coach.

Mazayah attended the Sacramento City College and went to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) from where he majored in Psychology. Throughout his education years, he was an active football player, and being surrounded by football giants, Mazayah’s love for the sport came very naturally.

In 2005, he played for coach Mike Clemon. During this time, he recorded 52 tackles, 16 Pass breakups, and even recovered two fumbles and forced another two. Mazayah also played for coach Floyd at Boynton Beach High School, where he participated in the All-American All-Star game. He was named to the Eastern Conference team, and in 2013, he earned All-America honors as a freshman and led the state in kick-off returns.

Mazayah earned the title of National Junior Athletic Association three-star All-American, and he was in a first-team Northern California Football Conference selection.

It is during this time that Mazayah knew that he wanted to play football for the rest of his life. But, knowing that there was more to life and success throughout, Mazayah took a real tough decision. He decided to make a switch from football to entrepreneurship helped him get out of it.

This was when he decided to launch Vakurai Paris Collection as a popular fashion clothing brand in Hallandale, Florida. Coming out from a field that he was really passionate about was a little hard on Mazayah, but he decided not to give in.

His hard work and determination helped him cope, and within a short period of time, Mazayah’s company established a good name throughout Florida. Mazayah attracted a whole lot of customers, and within a short time period, he created an excellent net worth of $2.1 million!

Aware of the dedication and the number of struggles that it took to establish a stellar net worth of $2.1, Mazayah decided to help people learn all the ways he used to make his name in the industry. He wrote a book on the subject of entrepreneurship named “Should you take the plunge?” People throughout the world have gained invaluable insights from his book.

Mazayah Legend Andrews is a self-made man. He started his business from scratch, and as of today, he is known throughout the world as a self-made millionaire. His story is an inspiration for everyone who needs a little push to move forward, brave their fears, and pursue their passions.

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