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Ishu Preet Singh – Your Young Digital Marketing Wizard Out to Help You Create Your Big Brand




Known to be one of the youngest digital entrepreneurs, Ishu Preet is all about his tenacity, passion and consistent efforts

The increasing popularity and usage of the internet has made digital marketing necessary for all businesses to expand their reach amongst masses and increase their sales prospects. Digital marketing is one of the biggest rising fields nowadays. With the goal for organizations to get new customers and clients, they have to utilize various advanced advertising methods in which digital marketing tops the list; this is where our young digital marketing wizard Ishu Preet Singh comes in picture.

Ishu Preet’s interest in digital marketing started from the age of twelve and within a span of a few years, he started his own company Smart circle by the time he reached sixteen. Ishu Preet hails from Kashmir where access to telecommunication and internet has been hitting blockages since long, still, with his grit and determination, Ishu Preet held his feet firm on starting his entrepreneurship journey from the land where he belongs. His passion and hard work did make way for his success and Smart circle today lists in one of the top digital marketing companies in India. Today he has clients who comprise of celebrity artists and big companies that share a great relationship with Ishu Preet. He says “being an entrepreneur, I’ve learned one important lesson: It is not easy to sustain at a point from where you have started, it is very important to constantly evolve oneself to reach greater heights.”

Ishu Preet’s road to success hasn’t always been easy, but he didn’t give up and stayed committed to making his idea a reality. He has inspired numerous youthful minds to aim for the sky at a young age. He has demonstrated that with sheer dedication and focussed mind, it is possible to accomplish your dreams no matter how tough the road to success might be. 

So in case, you’re prepared to begin your own innovative journey as an entrepreneur you can get motivation from such youthful business visionaries like Ishu Preet Singh and make your dreams come true.

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