My Undying Curiosity and Lover For Travel Got Me Where I’m Today: Samantha Saglibene

People often find success in doing things they are passionate about. Although these things differ from one individual to the other, what is certain, however, is that for Samantha Saglibene, her success is a result of the inherent gift of creative expression. One that is usually ignited by the unrestrained imagination that her freedom and wanderlust bestows. 

An alumnus of the University of Central Florida, Samantha Saglibene is a 23-year-old young adult writer. She is at once a fashion model, a stock trader, a social media marketer, influencer, traveler, and writer. Her first creative publication was a bestselling book. Saglibene’s lust for the world around her sparked in her an uncontrollable passion for exploring beyond her immediate environs. This spirit of globetrotting exploration gave rise to the vibrant lines of poetry in her bestseller. As she proclaims, she is the “author of my latest book, with exquisite American poetry describing my life and the limitations that I have had to overcome.” 

Although Saglibene is of Italian origin, she has lived most of her life in the United States. And it is in this country that, coupled with her lust for travel and creative expression, Saglibene harnessed the power of social media, contributing in the utmost measure to the continued success of this rising star. Samantha Saglibene’s freedom is not limited to her travels alone but the various careers she successfully dabbles in. In her own words, “Being able to express myself to the world in a variety of ways through media, singing, and writing is something that I am sincerely grateful for.”

Saglibene has been awarded various prizes for her young enterprising endeavors. Among them is the award for being the “World’s Most Collaborative Traveler of 2021 with Worldpackers.”

Passion and dedication are central to the unfolding narrative of this author’s life. Passion – the awareness of what one truly cares about – and dedication – the willpower to execute and bring them to fruition are instrumental to the successes she now enjoys.

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