Anouk Brumfield – Serial Innovator and Humble Leader

From Louisiana to IBM Global VP

From little things big things grow. In this instance, it began with a wise and doting grandmother who instilled the values of hard work and developing, nurturing, and evolving relationships. From these humble teachings in Shreveport Louisiana, she grew to believe she could do anything she set her mind to.

What follows is three decades of C-Suite consultancy, currently as a Senior Partner/VP at IBM. Here she imparts the wisdom learned so many years ago to lead successful initiatives across all aspects of Blockchain Services. Global strategy, organisational behavior and business performance are all part of her remit.

Despite her success in driving profit that is sustainable and scalable and being recognised as a positive force for change, she has never forgotten the teachings of her grandmother, and this has served her well as a leader.

Keynote Speaker

She is a compelling and empowering motivational speaker. In addition to offering her vision and learnings to entrepreneurs, she enjoys speaking to audiences of children and working with organisations. Perhaps, unsurprisingly she employs mindfulness as a tool along with her expertise and technical skills. All of this enables organisations to think more competitively and leaves those she touches with a palpable lift in morale.

Mentor, Leader, Coach

Her passion for service extends to mentoring and coaching as well as work for the social good.

Authenticity is central: “We must all strive to be our best version of ourselves,” she says. “We should all come to work as an original. Be ourselves because that is where our power lies. If we all do this, we help build a diverse and inclusive environment. Then we can say we are a catalyst for positive change.”

The Takeaways

Know Yourself. Be Yourself. Surround Yourself.

Know yourself and align to your values.

Be Yourself and be authentic as you can be at work

Surround Yourself with mentors and sponsors. Don’t be afraid to seek advice because nobody gets there alone.

Favorite Quotes

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will be among the stars”.

“You can, You will and you must”

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