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Meet Hiruy Amanuel, the Managing Partner with A. J Ventures




Hiruy Amanuel is unlike any other entrepreneurs. His business intuition has made him a successful venture capitalist. He is also the managing partner of the A.J Ventures firm, which he Co-Founded along with Allison Littlefield in 2013.

The trick of Amanuel’s success is he invests in emerging markets and companies. A. J Ventures invests  $50,000 to $500,000 in seed and early-stage companies in exchange for equity in a company, a success fee, or a combination of both. It banks on the success of new companies that have high potential.

That’s not it, Hiruy Amanuel is also a Silicon Valley entrepreneur because the firm mostly invests in mission-driven companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of his fairly intuitive skills, Amanuel predicted that augmented reality would be the next big thing.

Keeping that in mind, A.J. Ventures completed its first technology investment in Meta in 2015. Meta is one of the first companies to develop a reliable product in the augmented reality space.

Meta had a great UI designer Jayse Hansen, who worked on the Iron Man films. Because of his expertise, Meta became the first augmented reality company to use light path technology.

Earlier in his Career, Amanuel used to work in the nightlife industry. He developed an interest in luxury cars, which the patrons would bring around. When he worked in A. J Ventures, the first investment was Autobahn Gallery. It was a dealer of pre-owned luxury cars based in Dublin, California.

Because of his experience and interest in luxury cars, Amanuel was gained an understanding of the margins of luxury car sales. Then he started brokering luxury cars as a way to generate additional income. Look at him now; he is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a venture capitalist.

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