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Luxe VVS Decorating High-Level Celebrities With Custom-Designed VS and VVS Jewelry




Much of today’s fashion and culture is determined by celebrities and influencers who walk the red carpet and perform on large stages. So it’s no surprise that a brand like Luxe VVS is making rounds all over social channels and media outlets. It’s quickly becoming the go-to company for custom-designed jewelry pieces for some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the music scene.

Luxe VVS Jewelers is one of the fastest-growing jewelry companies. It’s also quickly becoming one of the most prestigious as the master craftsmen behind the brand continue to custom-create jewelry. The jewelers offer the highest quality VS and VVS quality jewelry. This commitment to the highest standards has made them a posh brand that Hollywood Boulevard and hip-hop circles covet. Luxe VVS has services clients like NLE Choppa, Stevo The Rapper, Mickey McFly, and Trap Zilla, to name a few of their star-studded regulars.

Luxe VVS stands out as a company because of its obsessive attention to detail. Pulling from cultural inspirations from various styles and subgenres of hip-hop, the jewelry brand is radically shaping the bling industry. The level of customization clients have control over has created a buzz in various circles all across the United States. Clients can very well a custom look laden with a company logo, record label name, or any symbolic piece.

One of the strongest points of Luxe VVS is its clear-cut customer journey. The client’s experience with the brand starts with a one-on-one consultation with a jewelry specialist who discusses design and budget over the phone. Once the vision for a custom piece is clear, the specs get passed over to a jewelry designer who translates preferences into a 3D model and molding. The designer presents the design to the client for approval, after which the piece is created and then passed through appraisal and quality control before getting shipped to the new and rightful owner.

Luxe VVS stands as an icon of luxury, excellence, and brilliance. It’s no surprise that the jewelry brand is growing exponentially by attracting multiple music chart-toppers and celebrities. Yet despite reaching celebrity-level status, the founders and owners have made it their mission to make custom jewelry at the VS and VVS levels available to the general masses as well. Their mission is to make jewelry affordable for anyone who dreams of sporting their custom bling. Moreover, this commitment has firmly become the company’s prime specialty.  

While custom jewelry was long the privilege of a chosen few, Luxe VVS hopes to revolutionize the diamonds and jewelry market by democratizing luxury. Today, even middle-income earners can pick up a Luxe VVS piece. 

While Luxe VVS has reached a remarkable status in the custom-jewelry market, its founders still look toward the future. They dream of the day that more and more individuals acquire a custom-made Luxe VVS piece they can be incredibly proud of and turn the brand into a household name all over the United States. 

To learn more about Luxe VVS Jewelers and their custom designs, check their official website and Instagram.

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