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PeacefulPinder Is An Artist With Great Potential




The artist PeacefulPinder is making a name for himself in the music industry with his talents and creativity. Coming from a broken home, absent father, and drug abuse, PeacefulPinder shares his story in his music with us. He was born in Seattle, Washington, and began making music in 2017 but didn’t start taking it seriously until a year later. Hip hop has always been a passion for the creative. He discovered his ability during high school and college while performing at parties and freestyling.

PeacefulPinder is currently an independent artist that got his inspiration from J.Cole and Russ, two unique storytelling artists. He says, “I want any reader to know that my desire to spread peace and love first starts with myself, and I make mistakes all the time. I want to grow and get better but realize perfection is impossible, and as humans, we are flawed. The more understanding, compassion, and accountability we have ensures progression for us all.”

PeacefulPinder is planning to release his EP called “LUV Vibrationz” soon. The project will have a catchy bounce to it and features melodies that’ll make you want to listen to the EP on repeat. Expect more big things coming from PeacefulPinder. 

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