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Blueface88 is Taking on the Music Industry as an Artist and Businessman




Proving his versatility in the music industry, Blueface88 has built his own record label called Blueface Enterprise while simultaneously growing as a rising hip-hop artist.

Over the years Blueface88 has worked tirelessly on perfecting his craft and has gained a lot of attention with his unique talents. Blueface88 makes music everyone can relate to and has amassed over 100k streams on Spotify alone. For the past three years, Blueface88 has been writing and releasing great music for his fans packed with well-crafted verses and mass-appeal.

In addition to his own music, Blueface88 has been working with his label’s artists to develop their talents. Taking the music industry from a business and artist perspective, Blueface88 is on the path to something special.

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