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Liz Kennedy is Constantly Evolving and Breaking Stigmas




Liz Kennedy is evolving with the times and breaking stigmas. Kennedy, truly the embodiment of the modern woman, is a TV Host and On-Air Beauty Expert shattering stereotypes and making a difference. Despite Kennedy’s multitude of achievements such as becoming a successful beauty, cosmetics, and makeup expert on various TV programs, becoming a host & producer for a makeover segment on The Steve Harvey Show, producing and hosting her own series called Inner/Outer Beauty (soon to debut with major distribution), and working as the face of Super Model Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Skincare Line on QVC, she is always on to the next project. For Liz that is TikTok.

While Liz’s competition didn’t take TikTok seriously, Liz made the decision to try this new platform to see if she could build a newer, younger audience. Now Liz is a force to be reckoned with on this video-sharing social media network  Being the pioneer she is, Liz Kennedy was not only one of the first beauty experts to take TikTok seriously, but she is also one of the key creators pushing the educational and business aspects of the platform forward. By recognizing that TikTok’s organic growth potential and natural virality is currently higher than Instagram’s, Liz Kennedy is growing her audience and brand at an incredible rate.

This new platform has allowed Liz to push her social mission forward. Due to unfair beauty standards, women constantly feel as though society is always reminding them that their inner beauty does not match unfair societal standards for outer beauty. This consistent societal bombardment inevitably affects one’s psychological sense of their own value. Of course, when this phenomenon intersects with trauma, people may experience an even more difficult time reconciling perceived disparities between their inner and outer beauty.

By spending time on outer beauty and self-care as well as by connecting with other females and empowering each other, women can start the process of positive psychological change. This is why Liz is committed to using her platform and expertise to help females navigate the overwhelming cosmetic and beauty worlds. This beauty positivity will help one begin to recognize and value one’s inner beauty more and more. Through education as well as a fun, high-quality makeover, Liz is democratizing access to high-quality beauty products for females across various intersecting identities that may not regularly have access to them, like women who deal with trauma and/or are underprivileged. By highlighting one’s outer beauty, one can do a great deal of work towards valuing their inner beauty as well.

Further, Liz is attempting to de-mistify the pregnancy process. By centering her own experience with a difficult pregnancy, Liz is breaking stigmas and opening up space for other females who have experienced atypical or difficult pregnancies. By doing so, Liz is reinforcing the message that these women are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with them. Overall, Liz Kennedy is a feminist keen on breaking negative and unfair stigmas surrounding femininity and womanhood.

Unfortunately, females also feel a greater pressure to shoulder that burden by keeping up appearances and unfair beauty standards for fear of being labeled too emotional or crazy or unstable. This is why Liz Kennedy focuses so much of her time and energy volunteering at women’s centers for abuse and drug addiction trying to provide some much-needed help and resources amidst the shortage of legitimate help available to the women who need them.

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