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JD Rex takes Vestige LLC to new heights as automation disrupts the industry




Vestige LLC has become a market-leading disruptor thanks to the approach of its CEO, Johnny Dominguez, AKA JD Rex, who has spent years developing his trade and learning how to use the latest technology to stay ahead.

Like leading entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone, JD Rex has developed his own unique personal brand and built a highly profitable enterprise with a team of intelligent collaborators – embracing the changes that have emerged in our digitally connected society. This has enabled him to propel his businesses to reach huge audiences and grow faster online, in stark contrast to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers that have spent decades building their client base offline. 

With his experiences in multiple ventures combining technological solutions and product development – JD Rex brings to the table a perspective that few entrepreneurs have when considering the scope of what businesses can achieve in 2020. And it takes a vision to create that kind of culture in a business environment with risk taking and a certain mindset to overcome setbacks. As a former software development specialist, the entrepreneur has managed to bring product knowledge to the table where it can be scaled – giving his companies an edge when it comes to serving clients.

As a high-growth Amazon retailer, Vestige LLC has developed and implemented customized solutions, providing people with Amazon automation services to help them scale their online stores – along with profit shares and lucrative options for entrepreneurs eager to grow their revenue, and reach new audiences.

Following the impact from COVID-19 on companies, small business owners and entrepreneurs have been looking at new ways of selling products and services online, and with companies like Vestige LLC leading the way with disruptive technology and automation, there’s a lot of opportunity in the market for new businesses to grow.

With tourism coming back after months of lockdown, and states slowly opening businesses in all sectors, it’s now time to invest and explore new markets as global trade begins to change.

Will you apply JD Rex’s experiences to your own business?

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