Lexington city will not recycle paper products any more

Lexington city will not recycle paper products any more

Paper products will no longer be recycled in Lexington, announced the city officials.

This implies that newspapers, office paper, cereal boxes, paper rolls, magazines as well as other paper-related products should now be thrown in the trash cans instead of recycling bins, said the commissioner of Environmental Quality and Public Works, Nancy Albright.

Lexington hopes that this move isn’t permanent and is searching for new markets for the recycled paper, said Albright. Around 3 new close-by mills are expected to start receiving the materials in the second half of this year, she added.

Since last several months, Lexington has given its recycled paper-products away as there are very few buyers left now post changes in the marketplace worldwide, said Albright.

The move affects over a dozen Central Kentucky localities as well, said the city officials.

The recycling center of Lexington processes recycled paper products for twelve other area cities and counties as well. The other communities which are being asked to halt recycling of paper include Frankfort, Berea, Georgetown, Franklin County, Jessamine County, Harrison County, Paris, Nicholasville, Winchester, Versailles as well as Woodford Counties.

Though the city will continue to accept dry corrugated cardboard like shipping and moving boxes, but will not recycle wet cardboard.

Notably, several countries have temporarily stopped their recycling operations after China increased its standards for cleanliness of recycling products that it would purchase.

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