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Kelsea Moscatel Gifted a Brand New G Wagon!




There is a new G Wagon in town and it belongs to the one and only Kelsea Moscatel. The gorgeous supermodel, mother of one, wife and co-founder of the luxury lifestyle platform Snob World, was gifted the stunning luxurious car on Christmas eve by her husband Cole Moscatel.

Cole, Kelsea and the Snob World team released multiple different Luxury Holiday Guides this season and after doing so, had readers and followers absolutely on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what the power couple would be getting each other for Christmas. After the news broke that Kelsea was surprised with a brand new white G Wagon, everyone made it very clear how much they believed that car couldn’t be more perfect for her! It really is so on brand for the successful entrepreneur and it was even more meaningful that her husband totally surprised her with it!

The inspiring power couple are always surprising one another with lavish gifts and vacations all the time, so it is no surprise Cole was able to pull off giving his wife a breathtaking G Wagon for one of her Christmas gifts! We cannot wait to see more of Kelsea in her brand new car soon. Congrats, Kelsea!

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