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Jonn Poker, an Emerging Beauty and Makeup Artist, is Enjoying a High Popularity Due to his Quirky Fashion Style




Jonn Poker is an emerging beauty and makeup artist, who is receiving a positive response for his talent. Through his makeup looks, Jonn loves to spread the message of embracing one’s own individuality in this world. He inspires everyone with his funny and talented work on youtube. And it is the result that he has earned very high popularity in the beauty and fashion world.

Born as Giovanni Paterno in Sicily, Italy, Jonn has an Italian-Canadian origin. He is a fashion business student and started creating makeup tutorials videos during his early years in life. In 2009, he decided to choose his name, Jonn Poker after getting influenced from the chartbuster ‘Poker Face’ of Lady Gaga.

With the passage of time, he started enjoying his expertise in editing his makeup tutorial videos. Now, Jonn Poker enjoys high popularity in the beauty influencing world and he is one of the fastest-growing makeup influencers of his time.

Pursues His Passion

Jonn Poker was passionate about making and editing make up tutorial videos from his early age. And he didn’t give up on his passion and followed the path irrespective of facing many obstacles in his life. He came to North American in 2015 to pursue his passion for music, acting, and modeling.

His passion for creating makeup videos helped him to start a youtube channel in the early stage of the year 2019. Owing to his expertise in creating makeup tutorials with high-quality content, Jonn Poker is receiving a positive response on his Youtube channel. He crossed 10k on his YouTube channel by November 2019 only.

Focuses on Self Love and the LGBTQ Community

In his makeup videos, Jonn Poker focuses on the idea of Self Love and he also offers support for the LGBTQ community. He gives a strong message of embracing one’s individuality and accepting oneself genuinely in the world. The count of followers on his youtube channel is booming continuously and it is due to his quality content.

Famous for his Quirky Fashion Style

Poker is receiving immense popularity due to his quirky fashion style. He shows his fans his crazy makeup regimen, cross-dressing, and he puts himself in feminine looks very well. He takes his inspiration from famous artists such as Jeffree Star, James Charles, and Nikita Dragun. It is his daily makeup practice that has helped him create makeup tutorial videos with exceptional content.

In addition to making makeup videos on Youtube, he is also offering reviews for different makeup products to help people choose the best makeup products for skincare. Although he developed his love for cosmetic products a few months before the creation of his channel, he learned to do very good makeup in less time.

Emerging Beauty Influencer on Youtube

 Jonn Poker has always given a message of staying true to one’s own personality and presenting the self in the best possible way. He is a Toronto based YouTuber who entertains and influences people with his creative makeup looks. And it is his uniqueness that is making him popular as a beauty influencer in the fashion world. 



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