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5 Tips on How to Care for Your Clip-in Hair Extensions




Growing long and beautiful hair can be a struggle for some people–usual hair shredding may come in the way, and impulsive trips to a salon for a haircut may occur. This is where the convenience of clip-in extensions will come in. Clip-in extensions may last for as long as eight months or even a year, if you take care of it properly.

Having said that, we have gathered five tips on how to care for your clip-in hair extensions so they can last longer than the expected life duration.

1. Regularly brush after use.

Whether you have worn your clip-in extensions for a whole day or just a few hours, remember to always brush your hair extensions after using them. Just like your normal hair, treat your hair extensions with that much care, for them to last for months or even a year. 

The trick in brushing your clip-in hair extensions is to brush the strands from the bottom all the way to the top. This way, you also get to untangle strands that may exist at the tips of your clip-in hair extensions. 

2. Carefully store your clip-ins.

After using your clip-in hair extensions, and of course, after gently brushing the strands, remember to properly store everything in a safe organizer or in its original box. This is also to avoid having unnecessary dirt in it, or having it tangled. It is also acceptable to keep the product outside of its box, as long as you make a ponytail out of it or as long as you’re sure that the strands won’t tangle. 

3. Avoid hair tangling.

Just as you should constantly brush your normal hair, remember to also brush your clip-in hair extensions on a regular basis. This is because the friction of your normal hair against your hair extensions will most likely create tangles, which may be hard or challenging to remove if you don’t untangle them right away. The sooner, the better applies highly in this scenario.


It also would help if you have a hairbrush in your purse everywhere you go. So, when you get a chance to go to a comfort room, just brush your hair and your clip-in extensions lightly. 

Here’s another tip on how to avoid tangling in your clip-in hair extensions. You must remember not to shower or go for a swim with your extensions attached. Running water may also cause tangling of your hair strands, and your natural hair may tangle with your extensions, and that would be more challenging to untangle. 

4. Avoid using hair products 

As much as possible, avoid using hair products, serums, or oils on your clip-in extensions. Sure, it would make the extensions feel and look even better, but in the long run, the chemicals in your hair products can cause drying and shredding of hair strands. 

Just like your normal hair, the strands on your clip-in hair extensions also shed daily, and to avoid this; hair products must be used with extreme caution, if not omitted. 

5. Avoid Using Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dye 

Take it from Vixen & Blush. Never ever do home dye. You may be tempted to colour your clip-in extensions on your own, but ask yourself this: will it be worth it? Can I really do it? Can I achieve the colour that I want? 

The best thing to do if you want a change in colour is to reach out to a hair professional. Consultation is key in this scenario. You would not want to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and expose your clip-in hair extensions to chemicals, and end up not achieving the hair colour that you want. It will not only be a waste of colour. It will be a waste of good hair extensions as well. Always remember that when dealing with chemicals, it is always advisable to seek professional help.

Try to keep these care tips for your clip-in extensions in mind and your extensions will surprise you on how long they can last. A normal clip-in extension stays up to eight months in acceptable to good condition. But, with proper care and management, your clip-in hair extensions can last for a year or more. Proper care for your extensions will surely get you your money’s worth and more! 

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