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Jonathan Kvicky: Senior Engineer & Tech Entrepreneur’s Investment in NOIA Network – Internet for the Modern World




Jonathan Kvicky

“I live to solve problems and foster solutions. It’s something I’ll never stop doing.” These are the words of Jonathan Kvicky, a UC Irvine alumnus, who at 32-years-old already boasts an impressive background in the technology and investment space.

He currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Sony PlayStation in Los Angeles, California, but also manages to find the time to be something of an investment guru and entrepreneur. Kvicky is a big fan of cryptocurrencies and recently turned a $20,000 investment into a cool $200,000 in just two months – all while still holding down his high-pressure job. That’s no mean feat in a volatile market.

But it’s not just the money-making possibilities of cryptos that interest Jonathan. It’s the underlying technology – blockchain – that intrigues him, and how that technology can be adopted into different sectors to positively impact the world.

The NOIA Network Project

Now Jonathan is, once again, putting his money where his mouth is by investing in the development and adoption of the NOIA Network. Kvicky is extremely excited by the project – “It’s rare that I see a company working on a platform which ticks all the boxes. NOIA is working on groundbreaking technology which improves something that 4.5+ billion people use today – the internet.”

NOIA Network is a software solution that runs on top of the public internet and solves the core problems of its global infrastructure which, in many cases, is decades old. This is achieved by utilizing the latest internet protocol developments, distributed ledger technology, and a continuously growing backbone of high-capacity data center locations and globally-dispersed community nodes.

Updating the Outmoded

Much of the internet infrastructure in use today is old and outdated, causing bottlenecks, reliability/performance issues, and compromised security. The NOIA Network software-as-a-service solution ensures that connections are reliable, fast, and secure while also providing network visibility, control, and analytics.

NOIA does this by harnessing the power of IPv6, the newest internet protocol that increases packet size and allows custom header information. This combined with segment routing allows network programming at the packet level, and can save companies millions, if not billions of dollars, by decreasing downtime/operational costs.

It’s Almost Launch Time

NOIA Network is finalizing the development of their B2B platform, which is set for a Q3/Q4 of 2020 rollout. This will be followed thereafter by the release of a client platform application.

Jonathan Kvicky has proven himself shrewd in the past, and investing in NOIA looks to be another wise move. In a fast-moving world revolving around the internet, NOIA looks to be about to make a seismic change in the global landscape.

If you want to reach out and contact Jonathan, he is open to connecting via his personal Instagram account: @jtk

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