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John Zhang on the Rewards and Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship




Entrepreneurship is where it’s at! It is broadening up the horizon for people of all ages, especially the young. Millennials are busy planning for a future that neither their grandparents nor parents could have imagined. They live in the ‘fast’ lane and are finding success, making the world sit up and take notice. One such young and successful entrepreneur is John Zhang. His expertise is sought after, and his confidence envied. Here, he talks about the rewards and pitfalls of Entrepreneurship.

Zhang is the CEO of WealthGap, an online company that helps people download and invest in hedge fund quality portfolios. Being an entrepreneur had always been his dream. Says he, “I was born to be a businessman. I enjoyed making money; I was in 3rd-grade when I sold the snacks that I bought from 7/11 during recess.” His apparent self-confidence and sound grasp on his business’s quintessential nature have earned him the reputation of ‘a man who knows his business.’ He enjoys being an entrepreneur and is candid about its upsides and downsides.

Pros of entrepreneurship:

Developing self-ownership

“It’s the freedom to set your own schedule and work on something you are truly passionate about.”

Zhang is grateful for his freedom. Like most entrepreneurs, he decides his schedule, sets his priorities, and takes decisions without wasting time waiting for others while they make up their minds.

Failure IS an option.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. As long as you succeed once you are set for life.”

According to Zhang, failure is inevitable just as much as success is. For him, failures are just a series of steps that must be taken to succeed. 

Empowers by teaching responsibility.

“When your business is in your hands, your hands become more careful.”

Zhang is all of 27 and holds responsibility in high esteem. As an entrepreneur, he’s responsible for the trust his clients put in him, the market he helps create, and the kind of business he helps build. 

Cons of entrepreneurship:

Although freedom and control are exhilarating, an entrepreneur is aware that his life is not a bed of roses.

Dealing with ignorance.

“Many people don’t understand finance, and they won’t understand the value I bring to them.”

Entrepreneurship is quick work done calmly. This is because entrepreneurs often deal with people who don’t always value an entrepreneur’s role and foresight. 

Business over life.

“To be an entrepreneur, you need to be willing to give up everything to work on your business.”

Sacrifice is the name of the entrepreneurial game. Entrepreneurs work with their minds a lot, and this what they need the freedom for. This freedom to think leaves them no time for regular life. 

The uncertainties.

“It’s better to accept that you will have good days and bad and then work towards having more good days than bad.”

The market landscape is as predictable as the emotions of people on a given day. It keeps you on your toes, and that can often lead to stress. Certainly not for the weak at heart.

Being an entrepreneur is like hiking up and down a mountain peak — every day. Needless to say, it’s not easy nor for everyone. However, those who persevere are the ones who make history. 

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