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The best birthday parties are the ones that have strong themes—like your kid’s favorite book, TV show, or video game. Not all movies or games translate well into birthday themes, but Fortnite does. Arm your kids with boogie bombs and nerf guns, and they’ll be on the move for hours. 

However, if you don’t play Fortnite yourself, finding the right supplies and decorations can feel intimidating. Your home may also not have enough room for kids to reenact their gameplay—but that’s where we come in.

AirballingLA is a premier mobile entertainment company that provides novel sports such as Fortnite Parties, Nerf Wars, Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag, and. With our parties, both parents and kids get what they need: you won’t have to worry about a time-consuming setup, and your child will get a memory that lasts a lifetime. Below, we’ve included everything you should know about our Fortnite birthday party. 

The Fortnite Equipment You’ll Get

Our organization doesn’t do anything halfway, and that includes giving your child an all-inclusive experience that makes them feel as if they’re in the midst of Pleasant Park or the Fatal Fields. 


It wouldn’t feel like Battle Royale if our Fortnite party package left out the artillery. While we can’t get our hands on any real-life boogie bombs, we do have plenty of nerf guns that look similar to some of the weapons you might find in Battle Royale. The line-up of artillery includes: 

  • Nerf Rivals 
  • Nerf Megas 
  • Standard Elite Guns 

Kids at the party can pick the weapon of their choice, just like their characters in the game (of course, the birthday kid will probably get first pick). Since we use toys from Nerf’s Fortnite line, you’ll find that these weapons mirror Fortnite rifles, pistols, and blasters. 

Boogie Bombs

Introduced in Battle Royale, the boogie bomb is one of Fortnite’s most famous weapons. Characters throw it like a regular grenade, but anyone who gets hit must dance around for five seconds. 

At Airballing LA, we have our version of the boogie bomb. We use colorful smoke and chalk bombs that kids can collect and chuck across the playing field. While they might lead to a little discoloration, these chalk and smoke bombs shouldn’t be too much trouble—especially since we give each player their own team wear. A standard Fortnite party includes ten chalk bombs, three smoke bombs, and two ultra-smoke bombs. 

A Portable Battle Arena

Half the fun of a Fortnite party is getting to play in a “battlefield.” Using an outdoor location, we’ll transform an open area into your child’s own portable battlefield. The standard Fortnite party includes nine paintball bunkers to provide some coverage. 

However, even with all the equipment, the area should still be open and small enough that you and other parents can keep an eye on every participant. Keep in mind that we ensure all our equipment is only of the highest quality so that the fun doesn’t get interrupted. 

Fortnite Coach

While this doesn’t technically fall under the “equipment” category, it’s worth mentioning that having one of these parties comes with another perk: your very own personal Fortnite coach. With everything else going on, it may be difficult for parents to closely supervise, but one of our Fortnite coaches can ensure gameplay stays safe (and fun) for everyone involved. 

Pricing and Add-Ons

Now that we’ve covered what you’ll get with one of our Fortnite party packages, it’s time to look at the price tag, as well as any additional equipment you may want to add. 

For ten players, our standard Fortnite party comes out at $650, and that includes protective equipment like goggles, team wear, and a coach. Boogie bombs and nerf guns for those ten players are also included in this price. For every additional player that you want to add to the party, there’s a $25 fee. 

If you think that your party guests will want to take full advantage of the smoke and chalk bombs, you can always buy more for $50 or $75. 

How Does the Fortnite Party Work? 

The process for the party is fairly simple, and we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting. First, we’ll make sure the Battle Royale arena is set up with color-coded paintball bunkers. Since Battle Royale is Fortnite’s most popular gameplay mode, that’ll be our focus. 

From there, we’ll unload all the artillery, and our coaches will make multiple supply drops across the field, similar to the actual game. These “supply drops,” are full of valuable equipment, like those chalk or smoke bombs. 

After all the party guests have had their fun and everyone’s tuckered out, our last step is to introduce a few mini-games that continue the Fortnite theme. 

Fortnite Party FAQs

We’ve covered the basics, but if you still have questions, we’ve answered the most frequently asked ones below: 

Is there an age limit? 

Since some of the nerf guns in the gameplay are “high-impact,” we highly recommend that your child and their guests be at least eight years old. 

What’s the Maximum Number of Players I Can Have? 

If your child’s planning a large party, you should probably know that we’ll supply equipment for up to twenty people at a total cost of $1,300. Keep in mind that this includes adding on another coach, more paintball bunkers, smoke bombs, chalk bombs, team wear, and artillery so that everyone’s included. 

How much space will I need for the party?

Although we handle the setup and delivery, securing an outdoor park or location is up to you. Depending on the size of your party, we usually recommend that you get at least 8,000 square feet, which is the size of two basketball courts. 

Can I have a Fortnite party inside? 

Since we use messy materials like chalk bombs, smoke bombs, and big props, we only accommodate and set up our Fortnite parties at outdoor locations. 

Reserve Your Fortnite Party Today!

With so much equipment, it can be tricky to try and pull off a Fortnite birthday party by yourself—but you don’t need to. We’ll handle everything from the delivery of the supplies to having a specialized coach run the event. Make a reservation today, and we’ll give your child the best Fortnite party that they’ll remember for years to come.

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