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John Qreshi Explains How To Change Your Life By Changing Your Stories




John Qreshi Strongly believes that human mind has massive untapped potential only if you are telling yourself a full story.


John Qreshi addresses an important question, What stories are you telling yourself and what if they are not true. John Qreshi – Esotericist & Founder of Quantum Master Coach ™ talked about the Hero/Heroine inside of us. To experience true excellence, though, you need to see this person for yourself. You need to envision your success and crystalize it.

John Qreshi has explained that how human mind has massive untapped potential but on the other side it also can learn and create limits in unconscious part of the mind, that prevents you from achieving your goals, desires and fulfillment.

Those limits / limiting beliefs comes from the story we are telling ourselves from the past , which are not even true or we adopted from someone else or through past experiences.

“If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you” – John Qreshi

In other words he addressed, how will you achieve success on a grand scale unless you think you have the capacity to make it?Qreshi explained we all have a story. However, some stories are weaker than others. Our story is our identity, and when you have a positive sense of self, you build a compelling story.

Successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and other skilled figures dedicate immense time, energy, and resources to be successful. Wayne Gretzky did not step on the hockey rink for the first time knowing how to score hundreds of goals. He stepped on the ice fumbling and stumbling, just like the first time anyone else skates.

He was immensely successful. He committed to becoming an incredibly excellent hockey player and took massive action to ensure that it happened. That commitment started at the beginning of his life.

It started with a mental story he was composing for himself. It began with a dream and a vision. Our story can either propel us or bog us down. Our stories can make us achieve great things and accomplish new feats like Gretzky, or it can provide us a perpetual belief that “I can’t do anything.” Sadly, far too many people choose the latter. Qreshi strongly believes that every single human being has a greatness & It’s within you. You just need to defeat the negativity that surrounds you and lives within you.

The villain voices in your head and around you are wrong. They seek control by trying to lock your potential. If you don’t believe you can, then you’ll never attempt anything. If you never try, you’ll “succeed” 100% of the time.
To fight these beliefs, you must remember the other character as well. Every great story has both a villain and a hero. You are the hero. You are the central figure in your life — the one that perseveres, conquers, and achieves a great victory. If you work to nurture your inner hero, then it can take over by changing “I’ll never be able to do that” to “Of course I can do that, let’s figure out how.”

That is a game-changing mentality that unlocks potential. For example, you can make $1 million a year. Countless people all over the world are doing that right now. What is the story — your story — that will allow you to accomplish that goal? There is a solution to this problem, and your inner hero wholeheartedly believes that it exists. Let it figure out the right way to accomplish your dreams!

Your story is unique Qreshi has said, It will leverage your strengths to create resounding success for all your goals. Your life events won’t mirror other successful people, but you have to be 100% committed that your unique life circumstances, skills, and ability to acquire new talents will end up the way you envision.

Keep growing, keep aspiring, and you’ll be able to unlock the incredible potential of your unique life story! – John Qreshi
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