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California Startup Helps Businesses Reopen Safely




No one will argue. It’s time for California to reopen — safely. On August 10th, 2020, the California Department of Public Health released their Employer Playbook, a concise update of the mandatory steps for a safe reopening. The Playbook is an attempt to compile up-to-date information from multiple sources to create one reopening resource for employers.

Amar Goel, Founder and CEO of Safeter and his business partner, Anand Das, anticipated the challenges companies would face. Their response was developing the Safeter app to assist in such reopening challenges as conducting at-home health check surveys for employees, connecting to testing centers for employee testing, and providing an instant reporting platform of employee data. Well, guess what! These strategies are all crucial players outlined in California’s new back to work Playbook.

Although Goel and Das didn’t have the Playbook as a reference when they were hashing out the details of their new app, they were right on the mark when it came to anticipating business needs. Among other mandates, the Playbook features control measures and screenings to gauge whether employees can return safely. The Safeter app is designed to assist employers in developing and conducting at-home health check surveys that are CDC/WHO compliant. These health screenings are short and easy for employees to complete before returning and a critical step in ensuring employees are healthy when they walk in the company doors. 

Another mandate issued by the Playbook is that businesses must track confirmed cases and follow specific steps before allowing employees to return to work. Safeter can also assist with this part of the process. The app connects employees to testing centers where they can be tested, if necessary. Of course, employee privacy is a factor in this part of the process. The Safeter app provides confidential and useful reports, aimed at keeping your business open and your employees safe. Now here’s the best part. The Safeter app can do all of this and a lot more for any size company gearing up to return to work — and it’s free.

Goel and Das didn’t create Safeter to line their own pockets. These two seasoned entrepreneurs wanted to use their expertise to take some of the cost of reopening off employers. Goel states, “As we started to think about how to help the world get back to normal, we knew that keeping people safe was paramount, and the economy needed to get back to work. We are proud to use what we know, especially building quality software, to help HR teams keep their employees healthy.” While many of Safeter’s features are 100 percent free, employers can also purchase extra capabilities at an affordable cost, such as an employee scheduling piece and visitor/guest management tools. 

Even though Goel and Das created Safeter to assist businesses worldwide,  they have a special connection with California. Based in San Francisco, the new startup is helping a hometown technology and marketing company called Gainsight safely welcome its employees back. Just down the coast, Safeter is assisting in the safe reopening of Therapy Mantra, a speech pathology and occupational therapy company in neighboring Los Angeles. All over the state and across the world, Safeter is available to help businesses from any industry get their employees back to work.

The pandemic of 2020 has changed the way we interact with people, and this means it has changed the way companies do business. Because of this fact, chances are we’ll never completely return to business as usual pre-COVID-19. With this prediction looming, Safeter will  be around for the long haul. For now, the popular new app is doing its part to get California and the world back to business. California companies such as Gainsight and Therapy Mantra are at the forefront of the charge.

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