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Magnets from Nikken are Helping People Enjoy Better Health




Humans have used magnets since times immemorial. These objects can improve human health and even restore them. However, only a few cultures know about the goodness of magnets. Nikken is a brand that is working on providing people with the benefits of a magnet. You can find more about magnets from Nikken before deciding to pursue them for better health.

Nikken Inc. is a well established company, headquartered in Irvine, California, which provides wellness products to people. It has been established since 1975. The company has been researching and developing magnetic technologies since its inception. With their research, they were able to create Magnetic Insoles – KenkoInsoles®.

Their recent research has brought about many new technologies which they can use in their products. Nikken’s research team has discovered that the opposing poles in magnetic tension, which bring some of the 3-dimensional complexity of the Dynamic Technologies into a static form. By using distinctive magnetic designs, one can prevent demagnetization in the process.

Another noteworthy technology developed by Nikken is RAM (Radial-Axis Magnetism) Technology. In this tech, the specialized compact modules feature clusters of six small spherical magnets rotated 60 degrees from each other. The magnets are arranged in such a manner that they produce overlapping magnetic fields in tension for increased field complexity.

Developed in RAM, there is a new tech called Spyder RAM. It is RAM but on a larger scale. In this tech, a series of spherical magnets are set in opposition in a flexible, web-like design, adapting the flows to your body.

There are tons of other magnetic tech developed by Nikken like Dynamic Magnetic tech. It is an array of bipolar magnets designed to create a complex field of magnetic energy around our bodies. The magnetic field utilizes multiple polarities and flux.

All these magnetic tech help Nikken create products that improve human health. Especially the Insoles, naturally heal the body.

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