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Jay and Ronnie Gauthier Launch Podcast Titled “Win Anyway”




Jay and Ronnie Gauthier have launched their new podcast titled “Win Anyway” in hopes of giving financial help and motivation to struggling individuals in their current circumstances. The podcast was inspired after continually hearing stories about how their friends were struggling with finances. Although the original idea was Jay’s, he knew he couldn’t do it without the help of his wife.

When asked about starting “Win Anyway” with his wife, Jay said, “To be completely honest, if Ronnie wasn’t doing it with me, I would’ve never started it. It’s been such a blast doing it together. It’s literally changed the game for us. So much of the feedback that we received his directly to the fact that we do it together and people love that. And I’ll be honest, I think Ronnie is better at it than I am. She’s so good and so natural.”

The duo just reached over 1,000 subscribers on youtube. That number was reached after only releasing 7 podcasts. With a new podcast dropping every Sunday at 2 pm the couple’s audience is only expected to grow. Determined to keep pumping out quality content, Jay said, “We want to blow this thing up! I don’t really know what’s possible with it if I’m being completely honest, but we want it to get huge. We want to be a resource that people go to when they need feedback. We want to spread this podcast or the entire industry. Honestly, I feel like that is happening. We are 100% committed to only putting out solid content. Every episode is only shot once. We don’t start over. We refuse to put anything out that’s not the best value. We will never drop filler or crap. And our goal is that our audience knows that and they always spread the word.” The podcast is currently available to stream on Youtube and Spotify among other platforms.

Check out  “Win Anyway” below:

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