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Religious Mezuzahs Installed by IDF on the Doorposts of Soldiers




IDF Chief Rabbi Eyal Karim, a few months ago, had prioritized placement of mezuzahs (religious parchments) on the doorposts of all doors in IDF soldiers’ living quarters in army bases and camps around Israel. In all, the number of quarters were approximately 6,000. The project now stands completed and if there is any quarter left, the IDF has asked the soldiers who notice it to report it to the officials so that the Rabbi will provide them one.

The project is called Project Mashkof and is being considered a project of ‘excellence and professionalism’ by the IDF. Rabbi Karim mentions that the project significantly addresses the demand from all units for high-standard mezuzahs for IDF soldiers and commanders.

The next part of the project is to place mezuzahs in other buildings and facilities. There were times when the mezuzahs were missing from rooms or found to be unfit for use. The IDF Rabbinate then began a six-year program, called “Mashkof” to examine and renew all of its mezuzahs.

Rabbi Karim has thanked the Rabbinate’s Intelligence Department for leading the project so efficiently. He said that IDF soldiers will merit from all of the benefits and protection promised by the sages to those who fulfill this precious commandment. The Intelligence Department of IDF Rabbinate was appointed to lead the project.

A team was appointed that was led by Sergeant Major Yossi Sternfeld in cooperation with the Halakha (Jewish law – ed.) Department who handled the work professionally. Financial and practical aid to the project was provided by the Or Lachayal organization with Construction and Defense Ministry’s Engineering and Construction Department.

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