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Jax Fanucci doesn’t surrender to all the challenges that come her way (Fortress)




Jax Fanucci sees opportunity in failures. Despite battling with anorexia for 15 years of her life, her unwavering sense of confidence was all she needed to become successful today. Being a selfless personality, she made a series of videos showing her recovery path of anorexia to inspire others who need the motivation to turn their story around just like her.

She stood as a fortress, even though the odds were against her – from anorexia nervosa to being bullied in school, among other family challenges. It’s just so amazing that a woman at 28, who was a few weeks away from a heart attack, turned out to join her mum to manage the world’s largest kids active lifestyle program. This isn’t an overnight success; it took her years of recovery, creating room for alternatives, and preventing second thoughts or insecurities to overcome her decisions.

Jax Fanucci sees herself as a cultural melting pot that’s from all over the world because of her parents’ background. Her father, an Italian, while her mother is South African. Jax Fanucci was born in South Africa, later moved to Mauritius after 3 months, and finally settled down in Dubai for the next 18 years of her life. However, she spent 15 years struggling with anorexia that led to a lot of lost experiences. Which ultimately motivated her to tell her story and share her struggles in the hopes that others would learn from and be inspired by in the future.

Her reflection on her life while sitting in the wheelchair made her realize she wanted more out of life. She quickly discovered that the only way to achieve this is by overcoming the fear of the unknown. Jax serves as a powerful example for women everywhere for her unwavering determination & selflessness. She doesn’t believe in lonely growth; she prefers to carry people along the path of success. According to her, victories are sweeter when you have people by your side. She hopes her legacy will be remembered for all the empowerment & goodwill she has brought to the world.

Jax has a message for anyone who wants to be successful in life – “Don’t give up even when your plan A, B, C, D, and E fail because there’s always plan Z!”

Jax believes success requires you to keep executing new plans until you finally get your goal. She understands that getting to your life’s goal will require you to step outside of your comfort zone. Setbacks are bound to happen, but you must not allow them to hinder your motivation to keep moving forward. She believes life works for anyone who doesn’t give up on his/her dream.

Overall, Jax advises that you get someone who believes in you by your side. They encourage, motivate, & support you at all times when your will to continue seems too great. Her decision to leave her comfort zone paid off, and that is why you are reading this now. Watching and reflecting on Jax’s Journey might happen to be what you need to turn your life around.

After her reflection, Jax has remained focused on positively impacting people’s lives while she continues on her entrepreneurial venture. She is a joint owner of the UAE’s largest kids lifestyle program.

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