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Influencer and Entrepreneur Jake Geruson: “No-Brainer” Tips for Successful Social Media Growth




To be successful in the ever-expanding digital world, a person must be unique. If anyone has learned this firsthand, it’s Jake Geruson. Just one year ago Jake was an average teenager and, like most teenagers, Jake wanted to get “famous” and go viral. After putting in the hard work, today we see Jake with multiple Tik Tok accounts racking up hundreds of thousands of followers, with huge revenue potential. This led to Jake starting his own firm, Geruson Media, to help businesses do the same. Jake learned valuable lessons on his journey, which can allow others to reach new heights too. These are his top takeaways:

Identify Your Goals

Jake Geruson explains how most people don’t really know why they want to be successful in social media. By not knowing, a person will never be satisfied and probably experience a downward spiral. Even just by articulating simple goals–such as making ten sales–a person will have a clearer mindset when making social media content and, as a result, be much more successful. Doing this will avoid developing into something the person does not even want. For example, some business owners turning into unsuccessful “internet personalities” who don’t know why they came to social media in the first place. This does not mean goals must be rigid; it’s fine for  end goals to change, but when they do, truly commit, Jake advises, or you might find yourself one of the unsuccessful “internet personalities.”

Always Experiment

Continuing to experiment when you’re not reaching your desired social media growth is a no-brainer. But many people make a huge mistake when they get in their comfort zone, often after they’ve achieved some satisfying social media growth. They end up on a slow ride downhill to, ultimately, social media accounts dying out. Experimenting is what got them to the comfort zone and, without continuing to do it, they will quickly stall–not to mention that social media algorithms and digital marketing, in general, is constantly changing at an exponential rate. What worked well yesterday may well not work today.

Be Persistent

The fact is that most people will give up early and, just by simply being persistent, one person will be much more successful than another. Success on social media is exponential and not a linear ride. Jake offers an example of one of his clients consistently posting quality content on Tik Tok; after nearly a month of tepid results, the businessperson was on the verge of quitting, but then he woke up one day to millions of views and plenty of leads. Jake says that social media is not worth it for most people, but those who stick around will see benefits.

Love the Process

Not everyone will find incredible success on social media. It certainly will not happen if you are not enjoying the process as you go along. Of course, it’s not possible to force yourself to love something, which is why it’s important to understand that social media is not for everyone. You should not do it just to try to reap the benefits if it is not something you love. For Jake it was a  passion. If it’s your passion too, take these “non-brainer” tips and get started.

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