Is Working from Home Cramping Your Style?

Here are a few ways you can make WFH work for you in California.

The coronavirus has taken a lot from us. For some of us, it has taken loved ones. For others, it has taken careers, homes, and cars. As a result, the world reassessed what was important overnight, forcing many retailers to shut up shop for good. Bars and restaurants slowed to a standstill, and crowded festivals became a thing of the past.

This dramatic reordering of important businesses made many office owners send everyone away to work from home instead. While this was a great temporary solution, none of us expected it to be a permanent thing. However, with recent corporate headlines suggesting WFH will be a permanent thing, we are turning our attention to those who hate it.

Who Doesn’t Love WFH?

The US has decidedly split down the middle. Some find WFH relaxing, refreshing, and easier to handle than a daily commute and desk. On the other hand, some hate the entire idea and are desperate to return to work properly.

It’s not that these people thrive on the madness of the commute, on having a boss looking over their shoulder all day, or any other reason than their home life. Not all of us live in a good home, a safe one, or a quiet one. Not all of us can afford the internet, laptops, or childcare.

Who doesn’t love WFH? Those for whom a home is a wild place instead of a place of peace.

What you can do about it

If you don’t love working from home, there are things you can do to stop it from making your life worse. Here are some of our favorite solutions.

1 – Rent a Space

You don’t have to work from home just because the rest of the office is. You could hire a coworking space Chicago, where you can share the office with others in the same boat as you. Alternatively, you could use these shared working spaces as a solution if you ditched the bricks and mortar buildings to save money on overheads at the start of all of this.

Renting a space means you can work remotely, without working in the house. It’s a good solution for the self-employed or for those starting on a side gig now that they have loads of free time on their hands.

2 – Eliminate those Distractions

If you don’t have kids but do share a home with noisy people, noise-canceling headphones are the best way to help your productivity. On the other hand, if you need silence to work and the lack of it is putting you off working from home, on the other hand, some noise-canceling, but, on headphones will be worth the investment.

Try turning off the TV, YouTube, and your phone while you work, too.

3 – Get out and enjoy it!

Where are you working when you work from home? Is it on the sofa? In your bed? In the garden? Do you work in your car? If you have a laptop and a phone with Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, you are not limited to working at home. You could be on the beach, at the park, or in a field if you wanted to be.

Remember, working from home is what you make of it.

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