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Insyde: Inspiring Through Music




Inspirational people are diamonds in the rough. There are a lot of people who act like they can be inspirational or offer insight, but most have no experience or are just copying off the advice of the real inspirational people. Yet, through the life story of Stephen Emrich, (an up and coming singer going by the stage name Insyde), I have found one of the diamonds in the rough of truly inspirational people. His story and overcoming personality have inspired me and, from what I later found out, has inspired people all around the world.

Insyde has never had an easy break in his life. Born with Asperger’s syndrome, Insyde was always perceived by society to have a disadvantage. Yet, Insyde did not see it this way and has never even thought about his disability as something that would hold him back from a passion that he loves: music. Insyde started when he was just a kid, singing at every possible moment and practicing his pitch and range to make himself better and better. Yet, as most people know, singing is only part of the equation when it comes to being successful. An artist has to produce their music, advertise it, and more. Yet, Insyde saw this as an opportunity to excel.

Due to his passion for music, Insyde has successfully taught himself every aspect of the music production process. He is able to shoot, edit, mix, and direct his own music videos. He is an all in one powerhouse that is able to create his own music without any help, and he sounds amazing doing it. Online, Insyde has tens of thousands of followers and over 5 million streams worldwide. Another perfect example of his success was when he released his latest single, it achieved over 1 million streams in only the first two weeks! This amazing success at only the age of 18 has led people worldwide to consider him the definition of inspiration and his story of success has been shared all over the world in the hope to inspire others.

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