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Barion McQueen, Your Go-to Business Consultant: Growing Big and Small Businesses Alike




It’s all too common in business consulting that once someone hits a certain goal, they turn their backs on small businesses forever. Many business consultants see small businesses as a steppingstone, useful for when they’re small and looking to grow out their consultancy, but useless once they’ve reached the top. Naturally, this does not bode over well with the small businesses in question.

However, there are still a few business consultants who see the potential of a small business and take it to the top with them. One such man is Florida-based Barion McQueen. Himself a serial entrepreneur and CEO of branding/marketing agency, The Brand Castle, Barion understands the struggle of growing a business, and lends his own experience to his vast clientele, to help them grow.

He doesn’t need to, because if he did, then there wouldn’t be anything remarkable about it, would there? But in the brief eight years since founding The Brand Castle, Barion has risen to the very top, working with numerous giants, such as Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, Adidas, and H&M.

In other words, he’s already passed that fork in the road where most business consultants bid goodbye to their smaller clients and focus on the ‘big fish’. But not Barion. Not only did he not abandon his small and medium businesses when he started working with big brands, such as Pepsi (very early in The Brand Castle’s history), but he continues to take on small business owners and provide the very same qualitative services that he fulfills for his ‘big’ clients.

A man of rare optimism and determination, Barion simply can’t let go of these smaller businesses, not after working so hard to grow them. And not when he sees the potential of a business to become something bigger.

This devotion to starting-out entrepreneurs stems from his own tireless creativity. Being a deeply inventive man who has given himself to numerous business ventures, Barion McQueen likes to see development,  and if he sees a company he likes or an idea that stimulates his imagination, he latches on to it and puts in as much hard work as he would for someone like Pepsi.

Yes, there are many excellent business consultants out there. Many excellent marketing companies. But what sets The Brand Castle and Barion McQueen apart from the rest is precisely this loyalty to his roots and this pleasure he has in helping businesses grow.

A business consultant who only helps you temporarily, while he grows his brand, is worthless and untrustworthy. Whereas one who sees your business’s potential and gets into it for the long haul is something you should not let go of.

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