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Impacting the lives of over 10,000 people after finding redemption. Learn why Marc Ryan Effron is dedicating his life to helping others




Marc Ryan Effron, the co-founder of Legacy Healing Center has found a new calling and purpose in life. Helping establish a world-renowned treatment facility, Marc’s program focuses on helping patients through a personalized and holistic approach. Although Marc has done a lot of good for others, he could not help anyone until he first had healed himself. We delve down into his story and understand why the business tycoon is now dedicating his life to seeing others get back to their feet.

Growing Up

As a personal coach, Marc seems to have the answers to most of life’s problems but remembers when he wasn’t always so fulfilled himself. Seeing his parents separate at a young age, Marc was left in a vulnerable state emotionally. He ran away from home a few times to escape what was happening in his childhood.

He tried to put his home struggles to a side and concentrated on his future. Right out of school, Marc got involved in the finance industry where he put his relationship and interpersonal abilities to work. Quickly rising through the corporate ladder, Marc achieved the role of vice president of a major investment firm at the age of 24.

Marc’s Redemption 

Despite having found so much success, Marc always struggled with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness inside. The feeling grew over time and Marc succumbed to the depression of not understanding his true purpose in life. To numb the feeling, Marc turned to drugs and alcohol. By the age of 30, Marc lost it all. He was fired from his job, estranged from his family, and became homeless.

Realizing one day he had to do something to pull himself out of his rough situation, Marc visited multiple treatment centers for help. To his shocking experience, none of the centers offered a personalized approach towards finding sobriety. Rather, he found they just helped treat the symptoms but not the underlying issue. Once he became clean, Marc understood what his calling was and decided to open his own treatment care facility.

How Marc Is Helping The World

Marc set Legacy Healing Center and has quickly scaled his treatment center to house more than 155 beds with a supporting staff of over 200 employees. Growing into a multi-state program, Marc has really taken over the industry with his holistic approach to healing. He built the facility in a way that he would send his own family members there if the need was ever to exist.

To date, Legacy Healing Center has treated over 10,000 patients. The facility is known worldwide, and patients continue to praise Marc and his team’s work well after the treatments are over. Marc’s vision is to set up a Legacy Healing Center in every State and then start to grow across the world.

Outside of supporting Legacy Healing Center, Marc actively spends a lot of time with his two sons. He is also a motivational speaker, personal development coach and a keen fitness fanatic. He has come a long way from losing it all to finding redemption through helping others and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for him.

To keep up with Marc and Legacy, follow him oInstagram. 

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