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How Tyler Valenzia is using Instagram to Promote A Healthy Lifestyle




Instagram has continually proven to be one of the most effective and fastest growing marketing platforms in today’s digital era. With over 334 million users, an influencer, musician, or brand can easily reach new target audiences with just a click of a few buttons. One influencer who has been able to take full advantage of the platform is marine and fitness star Tyler Valenzia.

Tyler Valenzia’s humble beginnings as an influencer started when he decided to post workout videos as a way to express himself. His constant drive to upload relatable, education, and constructive content has allowed him to grow even faster than he imagined. Currently sitting at over 220 thousand followers, Tyler has been able to reach an amount of active users many influencers would only dream of.

Recently, Tyler has locked down a few cross promotional deals with fitness brands like Dragon Pharma LLC, Gym King, and even the well known watch brand MVMT. His partnerships with each brand has paid off as hundreds of thousands followers are reached each time he posts. While his recent partnerships seem to point towards a big year on Instagram, Tyler is in the process of also growing his TikTok as well.

Follow Tyler’s journey here:

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